1. T

    WTB: Aero spoiler wanted

    Hi all, after a aero spoiler preferably grey but wouldn't mind a random colour either. Thanks.
  2. O

    Jazz's S15 from Sydney.

    Okay i have introduced myself on the introductions page but honestly wanted to keep an on going diary of my work on the car. its been roughly 8 months in already but i'll try start from the beginning :) Started off with this guy full Vertex Body kit and a random metal intake and a random...
  3. sliding-r

    Loads of random S15 pics, might take a while : )

  4. JaseYpk

    Boost Gauge Self Test? Or is it Kaputt?

    When i'm driving its just started going crazy! The needle will be sat wherever it is normally, then drop straight to -7, then wind itself up at a constant rate right up to +1, then back to -7, where it will stay until i turn the engine off and back on! Is this some random self test or is there...
  5. Feast Japan

    FS: Random Wheels *SSR, Enkei, Advan

    S15 OC, Feast Auto has been brokering and offering good rates on wheels for some time now. We offer used and new. Many size options etc. Below is some misc. stock + sometimes we will list random wheels which are available through a 3rd party. Such is noted. If there's something not...
  6. mint

    Random Plug/Sensor

    Found a random thing at the front of the car yesterday. behind the bumper near the OE horns. it looks like a light plug socket thing, but there was like some 'numb' blank looking thing in it. My mate asked if it was an out door temp sensor? But we dont have that.. any ideas? It had a part...
  7. mint

    White s15 in Aberdeen??? huh..

    Topper dude,.. you know of it? White.. BGW, Carbon Boot / Bonnet..? My best mates just told me he passed it today in Aberdeen. Random.. i thought there was only 3 of us! Christ.. common as muck :rolleyes: