1. oilman

    Free shipping on orders over £40

    It's that time again, folks. Opie Oils are offering free shipping on orders over £40! This offer is running from 5pm Friday 11th August until midday on Monday 14th August, so you'll need to get those orders in ASAP. There is no code required, it will automatically apply the free shipping at...
  2. oilman

    Free shipping on orders over £40

    Hi all It's that time again, folks. Opie Oils are offering free shipping on orders over £40! This offer is running from midday on Friday 17th March until midday on Monday 20th March, so you'll need to get those orders in ASAP. This offer is active from midday today, the 17th. There is no...
  3. oilman

    Millers Motorsport Oils - new range at Opies

    We expect the majority of you have heard of Millers Nanodrive Oils by now - They were a real game changer when they were first introduced to the world of motorsports, providing a dedicated range of oils that were designed to increase power by reducing friction, all thanks to their nifty...
  4. oilman

    Fuchs Flash Sale - 15% off!

    Any fans of Fuchs oils out there? We expect so, as they're hugely popular in the world of race, rally and pretty much all aspects of high performance motorsports, it'd be difficult not to have come across them by now, they're also very well received in passenger cars accross the globe. Premium...
  5. oilman

    Hella products at Opies - 20% off!

    We are pleased to announce that Opie Oils now stock Hella products. If you're after replacement bulbs, headlamp units, auxiliary lights and a huge array of other high quality lighting parts, then look no further than RIGHT HERE. Also on the shelf and ready to go is a comprehensive range of...
  6. oilman

    Kleers at Opie Oils

    Hi all As you know, at Opies, we’re pretty enthusiastic about cleaning and detailing. We stock a huge range of top quality products from an array of highly respected brands. One such brand that has caught our eye in the last few months is Kleers. They have been making waves across the UK and...
  7. oilman

    15% off ALL engine oils at Opies

    Hi all Just a heads up from Opie Oils here that may be of interest to you guys... We are currently offering 15% off ALL engine oils until midday on monday 13th - this limited time offer includes the entirety of our engine oil range, even covering motorbike, marine and garden engine oils as...
  8. oilman

    Amsoil - Stock clearance

    Hi all We expect that you guys may have noticed, but at Opies we are currently having a bit of a spring clean on several of our product ranges. The most recent candidate is Amsoil - Our remaining Amsoil car and bike lubricants are now heavily discounted, you can find the full range available...
  9. oilman

    Website re-skin & free shipping on orders over £35

    At Opie Oils, we think it's good to change things up every now and then. That's why we've given our website a bit of a facelift - we still have the same fantastic range of products, (which is constantly growing) but we have made it easier to find exactly what you need by stripping back the...
  10. oilman

    Millers Oils Nanodrive CFS 5w-40: £57.56 for 5 litres, £13.93 off RRP!

    Millers Oils Nanodrive CFS 5w-40 NT fully synthetic engine oil - with an RRP of £71.49 for 5 litres, we are offering this ultra high performance race oil for just £57.56 with your forum discount: a saving of £13.93! At Opie Oils, we are proud to stock a wide range of Millers Oils, who are...
  11. oilman

    Save ££'s at Opie Oils - Oils, K&N & Cleaning items

    With so many great offers available at Opie Oils, it's hard to know where to start! We have huge savings on Mobil 1 ESP 5w-30 and Mobil 1 New Life 0w-40, 5 litres of Fuchs Titan GT1 XTL 5w-40 for only £25 plus Free 1 litres of Shell with selected Helix engine oils and that's just our engine oil...
  12. tooley

    silver S15 S15DFT ?? Worcester Wednesday

    Was on a work driving course and was behind you for a bit in a range rover. Looks sweet! love the plate.
  13. oilman

    Pipercross Performance Filters NOW stocked at Opie Oils

    Good news, Opie Oils have extended the range of performance air filters available with the addition of Pipercross. The Pipercross range NOW available at Opie Oils includes: - Pipercross Replacement Air Filters - Find the correct Pipercross panel filter here > > > A Pipercross panel filter...
  14. oilman

    FREE Shipping on £40+ orders! Voucher: FREE

    The Bank Holiday weekend is almost here. To make even better Opie Oils are offering FREE UK Mainland Shipping on orders over £40 with voucher code FREE. It's simple, visit Opie Oils and start adding products in to your basket, once the total is £40 or more enter the voucher code FREE We now...
  15. oilman

    Castrol Classic Oils now available at Opie Oils

    We know that many of our club members own modern vehicles that wouldn't be considered as a classic, however we also know there are a lot of forum members that own a classic car that has been restored or is an ongoing project. If this is you then you will be interested to know that Opie Oils has...
  16. oilman

    Get £10 off when you spend £50 @ Opie Oils

    Hi Folks, Not long now.... The Bank Holiday weekend is almost here and it wouldn’t be a bank holiday weekend without a top offer from Opie Oils! It's simple, visit Opie Oils and start adding products in to your basket, once the total is £50 or more enter the voucher code TENNER to get £10...
  17. B

    Power lean issues!

    Hi All! New owner of a s15 spec R, been driving her since 4 days now and noticed that above 5500rpm the power seems to be lean as I don't feel any boost gain above these rpm range. No check engine light on etc. But its equipped with a Greddy profec B spec boost controller but it seems really...
  18. J0R04N

    What size injectors and what make??? 300-350bhp????

    What size injectors can I use for a power range of between 300-350bhp?? Also recommended brands :)
  19. U

    FS: S15 spec s seats

    As title says I've got a spec s that I'm trying to find a new place for my seats. Scored a sweet deal on some recaros so going to put them in. Ill post pics this afternoon. Looked online and they range from 350-499 but shoot me an offer no low ballers. No rips or tears or anything
  20. oilman

    Opie Oils Now Stock Ferodo Brake Products

    5 major new ranges Over 4000 new parts Over 180,000 new recommendations We now supply a huge range of Ferodo products. Our Ferodo product range consists of Ferodo Premier Brake Pads, Ferodo Premier Brake Shoes, Ferodo ThermoQuiet Brake Pads, Ferodo Service Line Brake Pads, Ferodo Premier Brake...