1. E

    Fuel is dangerous!!

    Had a bit of a scare today - trying to crank my car over and nothing but spluttering and then death. Sometimes it can be difficult to start, so i decided to persevere a little longer. All of a sudden, a young lad came over and knocked on my window to let me know (in Russian so not easy to...
  2. sushiming

    3points ?60 fooking hell

    i was just droping a frd off to get a drink and i didnt notices that it was a no turn left and turned in and the police was there and they said sorry thats a offence and 3fooking points and ?60 fine i fooking hate the fooking cops so gay didnt even get a warning at all..... :rant: :rant...
  3. Topper

    S15 or GTO

    A bit biased in here i know, but this really annoyed me. My Girlf has a friend who owns a Mitsibishi GTO (around m-reg i think) we seen him while out a drive in the S15 on Sunday, she spoke to him later that day and when she asked him what he though, he asked "why did he buy that!" :mad...
  4. Nicely

    Grrr! Fecking Customs

    Well, had to happen sooner or later. Just got wacked on a delivery from Perfectrun. :rant: ?26.09 VAT and..... . . . . . . ?13.50 Parcelfarce clearance fee!!??! :mad: :furious: :annoyed: :cry: