1. willy s15

    FS: nissan s14 s15 clear out // brakes rear 350z

    i have some parts thant i dont need most of them i have it as spare now i want to clear garage space for rb25 r33 series gtst model -radiator rb25 r33 very liltle use no name in great condition -granted hks original japan 100p -sterring colonum rb25 r33 gtst 80p -cams oem rb25 r33 gtst 80p...
  2. cviesins

    Speedo Help

    Hey guys, I need some help please. Ive got a 2000 Spec R that I've RB swapped. Its a RB25DET NEO with a wiring specialties harness and a Haltech Platnium Pro Plug In ECU for a R34 GTT. I would like to get my speedo working, but need some help on getting it hooked up and functioning. I'm not...
  3. jake

    S15 with an rb25 wiring help

    Has any one got a guide for the wiring from sr20 to rb25 on a Nissan s15 ??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. jake

    FS: S15 bits need gone ASAP

    Doing a rb25 swap on my Nissan s15 and got some parts left I need to get gone as soon as I can to get the rb25 Sr20 det 6 speed gear box no play run well £600 Ono Hight flow rad only been in the car for about 2 week be for it was stripped £120 Opie carbon gear shelled for abs £ 120 Ono...
  5. jake

    Rb25 swap

    So I'm looking at doing an rb25 swap on my s15 Just wondering on the best way to go about it like how to get all the bits how much I should be looking to spend and how much Time I should be look to spend doing it I was thinking the best way to go about it would be to go and get a r33 that had...
  6. R

    6 cylinder Tachometer

    For those with 6 cylinder engines, ie. RB20, RB25, RB26, how did you get your tachometer to read accurately? I would like to keep the stock cluster verses having an aftermarket one. Thanks in advanced!
  7. Feast Japan

    Another Silvia, this time S15 / Hybrid

    Hey everyone, been ages since I logged in. Well I sent the black S14 Silvia back to Canada, now with my father and he drives it here and there. Spec very good, quite proud of that build up and not planning on selling it anytime soon...
  8. Havoc

    WTB: R25 gearbox

    As above fellow S15oc'ers I need to get my hands on a RB25 gearbox thats not ridiculous money! Many thanks!
  9. N

    Some mad plans from Germany ;)

    Hi there, my Name is Alex and I'm from Germany, near Stuttgart. You may know that city ;) I'm 25 and I already owned a matte black S14 kouki and lastly a Skyline R34 GTT. Sadly the Skyline burned down in a garage fire leaving nothing but the RB25, gearbox and the whole subframe which I'm gonna...
  10. adzsy

    RB25 Build Thread

    Copied From SXOC Well after a year without an s-body I seem to have fallen back into the game. The S14a got sold along with the Navara in a bid to limit myself to one sensible car whilst my wife was on maternity leave. So I bought a Black R33 GTR V-Spec. As nice as it was, it never really...
  11. T

    Driveshaft + Half Axle Spec S vs R

    I am currently in the process of swapping a RB25 into my Spec S. Since im going to run aprox 400bhp I was wondering if the Spec S half axles are equal to the Spec R and can handle the power? I've been trying to find some information about if these are the same or not. Same with the driveshaft...
  12. adzsy

    FS: Parts for sale

    RB25 Throttle Body - £20 RB25 Inlet Manifold - £10 SR20 MAF / AFM - £10 SR20 - Aircon pump - £10 3 Gauge Dash Pod - £10 S15 Spec S Standard wheels NO TYRES- £30 (can arrange shipping for around £20) Random Side skirts - not sure what there from (Civic/CRX Del Sol??) need a bit of finishing - £10...
  13. V

    Time attack gearbox options

    Hi all , Would like to get your feedback to build a s15 gearbox that can withstand 500hp and 550 Nm (tq) . I recently blew up my stock 6 speed and would not want to change back to that so my option is either go with the 5speed s14 or rb25 route . Am searching for the most cost effective...
  14. T

    Greetings from the USA

    Hey everyone, So I finally found the S15 to import and have contacted a licensed bonder so my car will now arrive to the states this April. It's an automatic Spec S with a SR20DE n/a under the hood. I currently have a RB25 swapped S13 that I plan on using the motor/trans for. I'll be taking on...
  15. S

    hii from Aruba!!

    hi my name is Ryan and i am from Aruba, i am in to drifting a long time and had several drift cars allready, but since last year that i bought my "99 silvia spec s i fell in love, last month we 'ved dropped an RB25 in it changed the turbo for a bigger one and a couple of mod in it stay tuned!!:wave:
  16. J

    This S15. What do you think?

    Hi all, I have an RB S13 already but been looking at S15's lately with a few ideas in mind;) This one came up on pistonheads: http://dealerservices.autotrader.co.uk/134425/used-cars.htm Am i right in thinking Spec R is the one to have? What do you think of the price? Ive not seen alot of other...
  17. N

    WTB: uprated injectors for rb25 det engine

    looking for a set of uprated injectors for my rb25 det 550cc+ etc must be in mint condition or new, money waiting.
  18. M

    S15 Gearbox Conversion

    Hi.... my S15 6 speed gearbox seems having some weird sound. Juz wanna ask whether can RB25 gearbox fit into S15? Coz i heard that RB25 gearbox is stronger compare to S14 5-speed. Correct me if i'm wrong:hurl: