1. N

    FS: genuine OEM aero s15 front bumper 250 pounds **damaged but repairable**

    i really dont want to do this as i searched far and wide for one of these. i bought this hoping that 1 day i would own another s15 so i could put that up, but as a graduate just out of college looking for low paying internships, the reality is i wont ever be able to for a few years. its damaged...
  2. DeanS15

    Dashboard 'carbonisation' ?

    What do you lot think of this? Looks quite cool and well price but not sure wether it's gash or not??? I'd like to see it in reality an see if it looks good or not, the dash bottom half does look dull and scratch quite easily....
  3. M

    My RR Result

    Well after mapping, I finally got the car on the rollers yesterday at the North West SXOC rolling road day at TEG. It was a good setup and Im happy with the figures as a couple of standard cars present made pretty much what they should of, or in the case of an Accord Type R it was 20bhp down...