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FS: genuine OEM aero s15 front bumper 250 pounds **damaged but repairable**

7 September 2012
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galway ireland
i really dont want to do this as i searched far and wide for one of these. i bought this hoping that 1 day i would own another s15 so i could put that up, but as a graduate just out of college looking for low paying internships, the reality is i wont ever be able to for a few years.

its damaged as you can see in pictures, but it can be repaired. it would need plastic welding and then filling on areas. i had planned to repair it myself , but im stuck in a nightmare of a s14 project at the moment so i dont have time just yet. if it doesnt sell, i will then in the future when i have time.

it comes with fog lights also

i can provide any pictures needed

im looking for 250 pounds for this

located in ireland but can be couried at buyers expense no problem.

this is a very reluctant sale on my part, but sometimes you have to deal with reality first and put your hobbies aside :(

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