1. s15Irl

    FS: Recaro seats. Bride rail

    Bride seat rail Base mount Drivers side sliding rail SOLD Blue recaro tilting seats Very good condition, no wear, rips or tears. Bolsters are perfect. There is some small wear on the harness holes bit nothing major. No rails €375 £320 plus delivery Any interest message me on this or...
  2. Lil SpecR

    S15 mum and dads...

    Have you had any problems fitting baby/child seats? I didn't realise the rear seats would be so dished lol! I didn't expect it to have isofix so that's not a problem but anyone else got photos of their childrens seats installed? I have a Recaro Monza Nova IS and also will need to use a rear...
  3. Lil SpecR

    What aftermarket seats do you recommend...?

    OK, so although shes not here yet I am on the lookout for a pair of front seats for my S15. Shes coming with a single Recaro seat which is lovely BUT I like things to match so I want a pair. However I have been informed that the Recaro that has been fitted is one from an Evo, which causes me a...
  4. cviesins

    Real Recaro?

    Been looking for this seat for awhile for my Spec R. Anyone know if this is a real Recaro SPG-N? Thanks
  5. C

    FS: DC2 Type R Recaro Bucket Seat – No Rails

    Few parts for sale Collection from LU6 or Central London DC2 Type R Recaro Bucket Seat – No Rails (£450.00) Good condition, just need a good clean, 1 small hole on the side, 1 bolster not in position, doesn’t look any different. Please see picture for condition, does not come with rails
  6. Jaydej

    Recaro cs help

    I've got my eyes on a lovely pair for Recaro cs however I need to get base rails I'm going to go for the bride super low but does anyone know what model I need?
  7. dave_t

    WTB: s14/s15 Side Mount Seat Rail (Drivers)

    After a drivers side - side-mount seat rail for my S15 (same fitment as S14) It is to fit a Recaro Pole Position so must be wide enough PM me for quickest response
  8. N80Jamie

    FS: Recaro Reclining Bucket Seat with Rail

    Just fitted a pair of leather seats so no longer need this. I'm not enturely sure what car its from (someone may be able to shed some light on this); possibly an older Skyline or Supra? Anyway, there is some damage to the right hand bolster, as pictured. The rest of the seat is in pretty good...
  9. S

    FS: Recaro SP3 recliner seat on Bride base mount rail

    recaro sp3 seat on s13/s14 bride rail in good condition (passenger side) £200
  10. N

    Evo8 recaros in my 15

    Anyone know what rails will work or where I can a legit pair of recaro ones??
  11. Parky

    Recaro seats on bride rails - anyone done this?

    Just wondering if anyone has fitted recaro seats to bride rails (base mount), I have a nice set of evo 9 seats that I would prefer not to sell and put back in the 15 but the recaro rails I have with them aren't right for the seats. If anyone has done this then what, if any, sort of modding is...
  12. S

    Recaro "Sport Frame" Seat Rails... Do they fit?

    Hi all, I'm about to buy some Recaro SR-7 seats, but I have a question about the rails. There are two different rails you can buy for the reclining buckets like the SR-7, the "Normal Rails":, part number 2081.087...
  13. B

    WTB: PX seats any one??

    Evening all! Got standard s15 seats at the moment, very good condition, want to px any one with some buckets seats? I don't mind paying towards the px for some nice seats too... I know the standard seat arent worth much. Recaro, cobras etc, in interested in... Hope this is the right section...
  14. Havoc

    FS: Genuine JDM Recaro SR-II SEMI-bucket reclining seats

    Hello! Right for sale I have a PAIR of Recaro SR-II reclining bucket seats with the low mount rails out of my S15 I'm looking to sale as I need some more track oriented seats for drifting and something a bit more to my fancy... Same as picture bellow but will upload more when I get home...
  15. Jordan


    Been after a set of aftermarket sats for a while now and have always wanted some bride gias low max's. It seems however that not only are they £1500 per seat but there's also lots of hard-to-spot fakes going around also. So with that in mind I'm trying to find some other alternatives of...
  16. M

    FS: Blue Integra DC5 Recaro seats

    I bought these for my S15 project but I'm wanting some Recaro pole positions instead. Very deep supportive comfy recliners and quite rare in this colour too. They'll bolt straigt up to bride/driftworks etc seat frames. The drivers bolster is a little saggy but replacement foams can be purchased...
  17. L

    FS: s15 base mount rail

    came off a recaro from the drivers side £80 in the en8 area
  18. S

    FS: SR3 recaro with s15 rail

    Hi folks, location: Australia brisbane 4178, pickup only. item: JDM DC2 integra Recaro seat, with genuine recaro seat rail to suit s15 (drivers side). like a very dark grey with red stiching. sits about 2" lower than factory s15 seat, and is very comfortable reason for selling as i sold my...
  19. M

    WTB: Looking For a pair of Recaro SR3 seats For S15

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair of Recaro SR3 seats for my S15. Anyone interested to sell, do let me know.
  20. T

    WTB: Long shot but here goes: recaro pro racer seat

    Am after a recaro pro racer seat. The one with the wrap around sides designed for hans devices, carbon or glass reinforced plastic. Cheers Alan