1. s15Irl

    Show me... Your seats!

    Right guys, I'm after some pictures if your seats mainly fronts! Aftermarket only :brides, recaros what you got? And what rails are you using?
  2. JDM_virgin

    DC2 Recaros in an S15

    Despite still not having the car back on the road, i keep trolling the net and finding new things (and usually expensive things) and ideas to do to the Silvia, my next plan is to maybe put some DC2 Recaros in, Ive done some reading on here and SXOC and it seems that the best setup is buying...
  3. N

    Evo8 recaros in my 15

    Anyone know what rails will work or where I can a legit pair of recaro ones??
  4. S

    WTB: Seat Rails

    as above, i need a pair of rails to fit Recaros.