1. Mirai_Vaits

    FS: S15yay - cherished plate

    Hi guys, Selling my private reg S15YAY via ebay auction below - Access Denied Will be a very familiar plate to a lot of you, splitting this reg away from the car has not been an easy decision but it's all going towards funding a well overdue engine conversion so it's not all bad! I can...
  2. S

    FS: Warren W18RAN Private Plate For Sale

    As per title retained from my current car i have the private plate W18RAN (perfect for a Warren or W Ibran) A friend of my dads buys and sells plates and has valued it in the £499 region so based on this valuation i would accept £450. Maybe open to sensible offers. Thanks, Jamie
  3. M

    FS: Registration S15 FTW for sale

    I have the registration S15 FTW on retention if anyone is interested. £550 all in, I'll even give you a pair of plates, though the front is really small and may not be legal for road use.
  4. A

    Newbie from West Midlands

    Hi there, I currently own a Clio 182, and am toying with the idea of either trading in and get an S15, or getting an additional Mx-5 as a fun/track/drift car, hence the registration :) Matt
  5. N80Jamie

    FS: Private Registration plate - S15 DET

    This registration will be coming off the silvia in a couple of weeks therefore I will be looking to sell it on! I would hold onto it but I had a private plate bought for me a few years a go from family and im going to put this one on the car. Im not 100% sure on a price as I've had a look at...
  6. seilow

    1st S15 silvia in FRANCE!! ^^

    hi there i had s15there is one year ago (yeah one year yoohhooo lol) but to registrate a s15 or skyline in france it is so so so long and hard .. the registration will be finished iat this month . it is a spec s . picture (s15 when i get it )...
  7. V

    FS: [fs] S15 Spec.R with german registration

    FOR SALE Specs: 99er S15 Spec.R 76tkm Condition 2+ 3" Catback+Downpipe Air Filter Blitz BC HKS Turbotimer Recaro Seats NGK Spark Plugs Motor damper H&R Springs Walbro fuel pump 17" Advan Rims with new tires (1000km) red clear taillights BOV new spark plugs new oil new turbo outlet...
  8. I

    FS: The Best S15 Private Registration Number ???

    Sold Sold