1. JDM_virgin

    Boost gauge and EBC question

    Morning folks, Had some time at the weekend to plumb in my EBC and also my aftermarket boost gauge (depo). The EBC I have is a Gizzmo and was a doddle to fit and plumb into the induction/boost system- I actually used a guide i found on here over the instructions in the box as it had pictures...
  2. Lloyd_SR20

    FS: Tomei Fuel Pressure Regulator type-s with gauge **BRAND NEW!!!

    Selling: Brand New Tomei fuel pressure regulator type-s with gauge. bought from RHD japan for £110 last week, i no longer have a need for it as i got sorted before this arrived. looking for £70 INCLUDING shipping to UK or anywhere in ireland. I will dispatch it out to buyer the same day i...
  3. D

    FS: Coilovers, suspension arms, Fuel pressure regulator

    Tein Superstreet Coilovers, low mileage no knocks, good topmounts - £400 Driftworks front lower arms, barely used, maybe 300 miles - £200 SARD fuel pressure regulator - £50 All plus postage, and open to offers as always :)
  4. E

    255l/h fuel pump

    hi.. i recently bought a walbro fuel pump and i havent install it yet.. should i install it or install fuel regulator 1st then followed by the fuel pump.. any suggestions? thanks
  5. Darren_S15

    Fuel Pump Question

    Ok so Im going to be fitting a Walbro 255 to my car. One thing I just wanted to check is do I need to upgrade the Fuel Pressure Regulator at the same time or is the standard one fine? Thanks.
  6. D

    Where to get alternator parts

    I need to order a voltage regulator for my alternator, I have the part number (somewhere) but can't find a supplier. The full s14 alternator has a different part number, can I use one of them and if so, will I need any other items or modifications to make it work?
  7. DeanS15

    stack guage shaking?

    ive fitted a stack mechanical boost guage and have noticed that at idle the needle shakes quite a bit but under any acceleration/deceleration its steady. ive teed off of the fuel regulator vacuum. anyone else had this and cured it? thanks guys.
  8. A

    HELP! 1 Step Behind Std

    I've got a wierd problem that I hope someone can help me with. Previously I have ask Nicely for advice on what to change and he adviced me based on the symptoms I told him which were misfiring on low revs and sluggish and irregular power. I changed my coils, sparkplugs, and O2 sensor and...
  9. raytsang

    Fuel pressure regulator..

    Hey Guys was thinking about getting a Fuel pressure regulator... to be honest not sure what perpose its for and how much performance you can get from it... Can you guys recommend one? and where do they fit??