1. UncleDan

    Need replacement key

    Hey guys, I see keys online everywhere but I am afraid to buy one that wont fit or will get logged in the ignition/door. No one in the US will attempt to cut a key including locksmiths unless I provide one for them . Anyone have any reliable sources or have an extra uncut key. Also, looking to...
  2. T

    Gearbox Question: Difference between the Autech and the Spec R 6 speed

    I was told the Autech is much stronger and reliable, not sure if that's true though, I would think there were the same. Any help woiuld be great! Thanks.
  3. M

    A couple of questions

    Im getting an s15 spec r early next year and hopefully you can give me some info on the following questions. 1. does a s15 spec r need to be mapped to run on 95 ron fuel, thats all thats available where i live. 2. How reliable are they? 3. Can the 6 speed gearbox handle much bhp/torque...
  4. M

    Apex coilovers

    Hi mates, I´m looking for a kit of apex coilovers but i don´t know where I can find them. Does anybody know any cheap and reliable website to buy them? Cheers. Regards.