1. L

    WTB: S15 wind deflectors

    Mine have finally got to the point where they need replacing 😥 any about for sale? Or does anyone know a pet number for them? Cheers
  2. JDM_virgin

    FS: OEM centre console- Radio and gear shift surround

    I will be shortly replacing my radio and gear shift surround with a carbone-fiberous one so the OEM part is surplus to my requirements. Ideal for replacing yours if its broken or just to have a play with colours or whatever. No idea what these are worth but i think £25 is reasonable? can post...
  3. H

    Buying My First Silvia - What's S15 Ownership Like?

    Hey guys, Looking to buy my first S15 Spec R soon, just wanted to know what common problems they have, and what I should look out for when buying one? Also, what are they like for reliability, do many things go wrong which cost a bomb to fix? I understand modifications will be expensive, but I...
  4. 2

    replacing speed cluster

    Is the speed cluster from 2000 to 2001 any different...
  5. T

    Fitting an z32 A/F Meter

    Hi All, had a search but im getting mixed results... I'm buying one of these with a polug fitted, so hoping the wiring will be a plug and play affair. However, Is it true the elephant trunk will not be large enough and need replacing? if so whats the best option? Also will I need a new...
  6. S

    Cam belt

    Hi. Am I right in thinking silvia sr engines are chain driven, and don't have cam belts? How often do tensioners need replacing, Is it a simple job? When if ever do the timing chains need replacing? Regards mike
  7. T

    Replacing the flywheel

    Straight answer please guys, no "fit a five speed stuff". My clutch and flywheel are knackered and need replacing. I was looking on driftworks and they do a lightweight cromoly flywheel but it was for the S14 because obviously the S15 is dual mass as standard. Can I fit one of these...
  8. R


    How much brake fluid do I need if I were to completely replace the current fluid in there? Doesn't say anywhere in the service manual... or am I not looking hard enough? What about for the clutch fluid? Also for those of you that track your cars, what coolant are you guys running? Will be...
  9. Darren_S15

    Alignment Arm Fitting

    Wanted to get people opinions on this really. Im going to be replacing my alignment arms in the next few weeks and am unsure if I should be replacing the nuts and bolts that I will be undoing. Ive found a few threads on the SXOC and people generally dont seem to bothered about reusing the old...
  10. R

    Speedo problem

    Hi all, Just in case anyone hasn't read my introduction thread, I'm a new S15 owner with speedometer issues. When accelerating the speedometer sticks at various points in the range... also when slowing. This isn't too great around me as every other road has a speed camera and I could do with...
  11. A

    blacktop VS redtop

    I just wanted to check what?s your opinion regarding what intake manifold is the best as stock items. The redtop one or the blacktop one? Was thinking about replacing mine as it looks to me that the S13 redtop have more straight and shorter runners.
  12. Topper

    WTB: Greddy Profec B II Boost Solenoid

    :wave: Anyone got a spare?? Needs to be in good working order, as mine is on the blink and needs replacing :rolleyes: