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    AE86 Owner

    Hey, my name is Matt. I currently own a AE86 Levin. I'm looking to replace it with a Spec-R Aero in the new year so I thought I'd better sign up and start doing some research!
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    Hi all

    Hi everyone I'm Russ from the UK. I don't currently have a 15 but am doing all the research ready to get one after Xmas (i know long time, but i like my research) I will be honest i never really liked jap cars. I have always had German motors, but after re shelling, then rebuilding, then...
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    Newbie clocking in!

    Hi guys, thought i'd say a quick hello! Decided on an s15 for my next car so i need to do abit of research on here on some saving!! Already seen loads of great info from here :D including the links in the stickied section for newbies when buying a s15.
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    WTB: S15 Drivers Side Locking MOtor

    Need this asap. Please let me know if anyone has one. Not sure if the S14/a one fits the S15 or not. Did some research but no luck.
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    180SX performance

    goin sellin my S15 unfortunately so will be in the market for something cheaper soon. been lookin at 180sx's as id like to stay in the silvia family, probably the non turbo version though but after a bit of research ive seen that the SR20DE in the non turbo 180sx is only 137bhp. anyone know what...
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    hey all

    Hey all :wave:, im in australia and i got my car a couple of months ago, a black 2002 s15. i stumbled across this site whilst doing a bit of research and it has been so helpful. il hopefully post some pics when i get around to taking some.