1. G

    WTB: S15 fan resistor

    Hi guys, anybody got a s15 fan resistor thanks
  2. R

    Heater fan not working?

    so randomley other day it stopped on all levels... still illuminates and you can hear it when changing direction etc bit of research tells me it could be the fan/blower resistor that sits under the glovebox??? is thiscorrect? if so how and why has this happened? will a resistor card from...
  3. B

    srs - airbag resistance

    hi there, i want to replace my oem steering wheel with a aftermarket one. because i still want to have the passengers airbag worked and without any errors at the indicator. soo, i have to put a resistor to the plug from the airbag for telling the system that ther still s a airbag. so no...
  4. TriniGT

    R32 RB26DETT Resistor Pack Location

    Whereabouts is the Resistor Pack located in the R32 harness. I am seeing what looks to be one but it is running back directly to the Fuse box, no where close to the injectors. Does anyone have a pic of it connected to the right harness. I am thinking it may be missing from my harness. Jason.