1. C

    How much spec s

    Hi everyone I'm debating selling g my spec s in red, any ideas what a rough guide price would be for a standard for starters? Mine has a full rare body kit, alloys, stereo, carbon spoiler, japspeed cpilovee etc but needs a couple of parts of bumpers resprayed currently. I'm in 2 minds what to do...
  2. W

    WTB: Spec R Pearl White Side Skirts

    Ideally in one piece with no cracks or anything. Not too fussed about scratches or scuffs as will most likely get them resprayed.
  3. Parky

    Parky's Pewter S15 Spec-R

    Thought I might as well get a thread started, I bought this a couple of weeks ago off another member, very happy with it so far. There are a few things that need sorting on it but nothing immediate. It's not had much done performance wise but I'll most likely be upgrading as I go, no major...
  4. Joeh

    Advise on a JZX100

    Hi all I've been offered a PX on my car, a Factory Manual Toyota MKII JZX100. Although I want a JZX110, this might be a more realistic option for me. I wanted to see if anyone else ever owned one if they could give me some advise please. Firstly I wanted to know what the realistic value for a...
  5. M

    Mikes silvia

  6. subzero

    My ( controversal ) Front Bumper respray

    the story is, my motor has a mental pearl colour, not original , resprayed by garage impul ... an absolute pain to match . the last time i got it sprayed it wasn't very close(im a bit harsher) as its my car but is some what noticeable . any ways as i was re-lacquering the carbon bonnet i got a...
  7. S

    WTB: WK0 Bonnet

    ive cracked the paint on my bonnet, and it may be cheaper to get another one than get it resprayed. anyone got one kicking about?
  8. P

    window seals and respray -help!

    1. do the rear quarter windows come out without breaking and with the rubbers in tact? 2. what are the window seal parts numbers front and rear quarter? (anyone know price or eta on these???) 3.anyone that has resprayed their car what was do you do regarding the window seals? they are to...