1. FreakensNL

    WTB: Arm rest

    since my hinge is broken, looking for a arm rest
  2. B

    WTB: S15 wings preferably not +30mm

    Can be any colour and frp/grp but ideally not oversize. Unless anyone fitted some and it looks okay with the rest standard.. PM me ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. C

    Odometer Bulb Type?

    Hi all, Fixing up a few minor things on my S15, and the display with mileage reading is not lighting up with the rest of the dashboard. Can anyone advise what size/type of bulb it is before I take the dash apart? Thanks Chris
  4. O

    WTB: S15 door cards wanted

    Hi im after both driver and passenger door card, i already have some on my car but there a bit scratched up so want some in good condition. im not too fussed about the grey perforated part as i want to change that but id want the rest in good nic. if you got any send me pics at...
  5. B

    FS: Rays nismo lm-gt4 17 inch alloys for sale

    Selling these wheels as I no longer need them, they are all in need of a re-furb, there is no curbing on any of them but slight corrosion on the inside, some of the stickers are missing aswell. one of the wheels has a half decent tyre on but the rest are scrap offsets front 17x7.5 et 30...
  6. J

    Detailing Jem - Nismo 350Z

    Yesterday it was the turn of this 350Z to have a full detail with some wet sanding thrown in for good measure! The car was a pretty typical case of swirly and lightly scratched paint, and needing a clean too: One of the problems was the passenger door had been repainted and left...
  7. vinnie

    Mini Jap meet in Tunbridge Wells

    Hey I went to a Jap meet not too far where i live. Only a few cars but i thought i take some pics. Couple if DC5's and S14a's. It was just so cold heh! Last time i'll take my Silvia out for the rest of the year now. Sorry about the quality, took it with me iphone.
  8. Adam L

    FS: S15 6 speed box (broken)

    I've got my old box sitting around now, so if someone is interested for the casing or any possible salvagable parts, its yours for £50 collected. I still had use of all gears bar 4th, which is none existent now. I can't guarantee how good the rest of the gearset is because it was pretty...
  9. tooley

    New test edit of me and richy drifting

    Let me know what you guys think so far? im waiting for the rest of the footage to complete the vid!.
  10. J

    Open Event: Chris Forsberg to drive Japspeed S15!

    American drift king Chris Forsberg is coming to the UK to perform his 'Bottle Trick' at Trax this Sunday at Silverstone in Team Japspeed's S15 usually driven by Danny Eyles. Trax is the ultimate petrolhead show and naturally the rest of the Japspeed stable will be attending along with Maxxis...
  11. J

    Happy Christmas and New Years!

    Hi Guys, Just to say, hope everyone has a fantastic christmas and new year whatever you have planned. Hopefully people can get home for christmas with this crazy blanket of snow we have at the minute. I, myself (Dan) will not be here from tomorrow the 23rd until the 4th of January but if you...
  12. J

    Important - Please Read.

    Hi Guys, Just a quick note to say that i won't be here for the rest of the week. Its my birthday on Friday so i think i'm entitled :D I will try and keep on top of PM's and E-mails but please bare in mind that we will be short staffed for the rest of the week. I will be back on Monday. Don't...
  13. Roots82

    Japanese Tuning Show (Silverstone)

    Saw Initial D's and S15RKM cars today :thumbs: Both looked amazing! Didn't get chance to say hello but thought i would share some pictures with you guys and the rest of the site :D
  14. D

    Auction report

    Is there anyone on here that can translate a jap auction sheet perfectly as its a car im buying monday.its a grade 4/B but want the rest translated me if anyone can with ur email adress and ill send it on thanks.
  15. S

    WTB: s15 ECU plug or loom

    hi am after either the ECU plug with some wire off an s15 SpecR (not sure if spec S is the same) or the loom its self. would rather just have the ECU plug as i dont need the rest of the loom (so if any ones has a damaged loom???) cheers sam
  16. B

    ARC arb's fitted

    My ARC pipe bar arb's finally arrived (Cheers Kieran) They were relatively simple to fit and have made the car much more fun to drive,just need to crack on with the rest of the suspension now :D
  17. LuPix_S15

    Anyone looking for a white Spec-R Aero?

    Looks like Mike and the guys down at Torque GT have already found another nice example... Personally, I don't really like the high level Nismo spoiler but the rest looks really tidy. Light mods as well so a good base for it's next owner.
  18. Yakozan

    pics: Photo session with my car.

    A friend of mine wanted to take some pics of a car. So this is the result. He took em this evening so most are just quickly refurbed. Not close to complete. You can see parts of the Royal Castle in the backround. Rest of the pics are here...
  19. A

    couple of questions

    Hi, prospective S15 buyer :) How much was the S15 Spec R when it was new? Whos the best insurer to go with? Ive done a load of online quotes only 1 recognises S15`s and wanted ?1500 to insure it, the rest stop at the S14. Ive seen this one i like...
  20. M

    Hello from Singapore!

    Hi everyone :) I'm driving a pewter nz S15 here in Singapore... here are some pics of my car Over here we have maybe 50/50 jdm and nz S15s... and just a couple of Australia spec units too. I've got an Impul reflashed ecu with 550 cc injectors, an open pod from GruppeM but otherwise...