1. C


    Has anyone dealt with them? Shah MotorSports theres a blue S15 I’m interested in, but can’t find any reviews about them. Chris
  2. S

    S15 aftermarket body parts

    Hi guys, Just wondering if anybody has used Knight Racer before for aftermarket body parts. I'm interested in buying a pair of their +30mm front wings but I've heard mixed reviews about their products fitment etc... Anybody bought and fitted a pair of these before? Thanks a lot.
  3. N80Jamie

    Anyone know either of these S15's?

    1st - 2nd- Anybody know if the cars have been about on either here or SXOC and...
  4. S

    Opinions on turbos

    Since my turbo is crapping itself, I'll be needing to get a new one soon. I'm not sure when I'll be making my purchase. Of course the longer I wait, the more I'll be able to spend. I was thinking about just rebuilding mine, but since I don't know what brand of turbo it is, I may be spending more...
  5. Yakozan

    Film: Audi R8 review by child :)

    something different to the regular reviews :) It's in Swedish but with english text.
  6. J

    Have you ever driven....

    Any of you guys ever driven a Nissan Figaro?? Reviews, comments... ?
  7. A

    SilviaVIC Currently gathering technical articles and product reviews. Everyone is welcome, come and say hello. :)