1. Max Skutch


    I'm Max from Norflok. I'm the keeper of a very special S15 that belong to a very dear friend and a memder of this club. I will post a full write up in members rides soon.
  2. M

    Hello from across the northsea

    Sup Guys, I'm Michael and i'm from the netherlands. Driving around in an S15 for about 5/6months now. Imported her completly stock/virgin and now its time for a change!! joined here so i might get some goodie's from other owners and also to check out what you guys are doing/did to your rides...
  3. L

    FS: S15 spec r

    Hi gguys in wanting to buy an s15 spec r I'm looking to spend about £10k on one would like one that is clean some good mods and rides well with no problems occurring could you guys help me find myself a nice 15 cheers
  4. B

    hi people thought it was about time to introduce myself!!!!!!

    Hi my name is Tom and i live in Stone in the Midlands, ive just become the proud owner of a Lightning Yellow spec s S15, so thought i would share some pictures and any feed back is welcomed. Ive got a jdm S14 on its way from Japan to do a full turbo conversion which im about to do a right up in...
  5. vn-66

    whats up...

    What-a-gwan peopil? My name is John (but everyone calls me Jay). Im from Aruba where there are currently no s15s on the entire island. I am saving up to purchase one in december (for my 21st birthday), hopefully i will get it by then and be the first to rock that beauty down eagle beach on...
  6. T

    Hey people from S15OC :)

    Hi everyone, I'm from Malaysia. I don't own an S15 but I am a fan. Wish to know more about your rides. :wave: Peace!
  7. P

    PJ?s S15 Spec-R Aero

    Hi all. Forgot to introduce myself here first, started posting in member rides Anyway, my name is Patrik and i come from Sweden. I own a Nissan S14 which is sort of a 270R replica and a S15 Spec-R Aero. Link to my swedish album site: http://200sx.kicks-ass.net/pj Pics also in Member...