1. O

    Vertex Ridge kit

    Hi Anyone know where I can get a Vertex Lang kit that is a good copy?? sorry about the title meant lang not Ridge Thanks in advance :)
  2. Fruitbooter

    Is this a vertex ridge kit (Ray, Dean any ideas)

    Torque GT have just listed this cracking S15 they have got coming over :nod: - http://www.torque-gt.co.uk/auction_details/?act=productDetail&productId=511# Now I'm usually quite good at kits but something’s not right with this one, I’m 90% sure it’s a ridge kit but with a normal vertex front...
  3. s15wideass

    Wanted vertex ridge Bumper

    Hi guys, my s15 has a vertex ridge widebody kit but the front bumper does not match the rest of the kit, it's moulded to fit but doesn't look right. So I'm looking to buy a front bumper to match the kit, does anyone know where I could buy a new or used vertex ridge front bumper? Any help...
  4. S

    Vertex Ridge Kit

    anybody know anyone that stocks this? i cant find one anywhere!
  5. P

    What front bar is this???

    On the JIC-Magic Drift Car I found the article here http://www.tunerzine.com/view_article/car_feature/jic-magic-drift-car and they say its the Vertex Ridge, but it doesnt look like the Vertex Ridge to me. Looks like some weird front bar with add-on fenders. :thumbs:
  6. N

    Thinking about going wide body, but which one?

    I have been giving thought to putting a widebody kit on my car. The two I am looking at are the Veilside D1GT and the Vertex Ridge. What does everyone think, and are there other options? Veilside D1GT Vertex Ridge