1. JDM_virgin

    plastic gaitor ring

    I don't have a picture to hand but the bit i am referring too is the plastic clip thing that sits inside the gear shift gaiter which then connects it to the centre console. I'm planning on having some 3D printed at work very soon as mine is old and brittle and will blatantly break when i...
  2. JDM_virgin

    Boot ajar sensor

    does anyone know where this is located in the boot? I think mine is on the blink because i have the open door light on the dash even when everything is closed and when the car is turned off the light is still on in the boot and the ring around the ignition barrel, needless to say its killing my...
  3. Parky

    WTB: Igniton barrel plastic ring

    Anyone in the UK got one spare? One of these...
  4. fez06

    epracing carbon cooling panel

    Has anyone got one of these iv bought on but the holes seem to be too small and don't just quite line up correctly don't know weather to drill the holes bigger or ring up and complain. I'm not one for complaints but it'd not a cheap part really
  5. A

    My 8:22 BTG lap of the 'ring.

    Some of you may find this interesting. Possibly the fastest documented lap of the ring in an S15?
  6. dave_t

    Nurburgring Trip 2013 - Videos

    Well after months of Prep work, the S15 was finally ready for the Ring trip, and what an experience it was! 5 days of car heaven. Along with a K20 EG Civic, 3 20v Turbo VW's, a Mk1 Golf, a Mk2 Golf and a Mk2 Scirocco, A Pulsar GTI-R, 106 GTI, 106 GTI TURBO (unbelievably fast), E46 M3, and 4...
  7. J

    WTB: steering blue ring

    hello lads am looking for one of these blue rings if anyone is brecking a s15 cheers.
  8. J

    idicator blue ring

    hi lads am wondering will a s14 indicator canceling ring work for a s15 any help would be great cheers
  9. A

    Andy_F's S15 Silvia - pimp daily / drifter / grip / ringtool project

    So, this is my first post here so I'll try and make it a good one! Warning, this is pretty long but it shoudl be a good read. I've had my S15 for about 3 months or so now, and I've had chance to make a few of my own touches to it and use it a bit. It was B9NKO's old car - spec S auto converted...
  10. M

    s15 6mt gearbox, circlip mod?

    Hiya all Im new to this site and new to driving nissan, but only 3 weeks after i bought my nissan s14 my gearbox broke down. I opened it and saw what went wrong, circlip failure at 4th gear, I started to search the net to see if other people have had the same problem and there were alot :). I...
  11. N

    A little help Gear and Baulk Ring Part Numbers?

    Alright chaps, I am in the process of fitting an up rated 409 ORC clutch and removed the 6 speed gear box to be stripped, checked over and cleaned. Then getting the circlip problem fixed and the gear set will be sent off to be Cryogenically Frozen to try and add a bit of strength for it to take...
  12. C

    White s15, Wolverhampton ring road.

    I'm fairly sure it was Tom (sliding-r) but not certain. Was on the Wolverhampton ring road, tonight at 19.30. Would have given you a wave but wasn't in the 15. :wave:
  13. S15AK

    WTB: Interior air vent

    As title, I'm after one of the interior air pods, the 60mm circular vent. Need one to chop up so as long as the silver ring is fine I will take it. Cheers
  14. ChrisKnottIns

    Email your quote to us if you can't ring!!!! Read on...

    If for any reason you can't contact us by phone, you could always email your quote to us. We prefer people to ring us for a quote but if you're car insurance renewal is due within the next 21 days, please feel free to complete the questions below, then copy & paste, then email to...
  15. W

    WTB: WTB Spec R shifter part..

    im looking for the little trim ring that goes between the boot and the knob for the 6spd.. anyone have one of thesE?
  16. koullis

    4.11 ring and pinion

    hi, i was just wondering what the gear ratio will be like when i put the 4.11 ring and pinion in my hellical lsd which now is 3.69 (i think) its a spec s and now i am dong 100kmh@3000rpm in 5th. how will it be after the ring and pinion? btw, very helpfull site.
  17. D


    im after a set of wisesquare led rear lights, anyone know where i can get a set in the uk or do i have to try to ring wisesquare personally. my japenese is not very good:rotfl:??
  18. J

    Stupid boy :o(

    On Monday I decided to re-fit the negative battery terminal to my battery, as when I fitted a grounding kit a few weeks back, I'd not secured the clamp as robustly as I'd have liked. Anyway, full of the joys of a sunny bank holiday monday morning, I set to with a 10mm spanner and started to...