1. J

    Wheel fitment guru's ???? Help

    Before I go and spunk a load of money on wheels then have issues with them fitting I thought I'd chuck it out there!! Even though I'll probably end up getting different answers just wondered what people's thoughts are ok , so I'm planning on running a 18/9j et15 with either a 215 or 205/40...
  2. adzsy

    FS: S15 Drivers side front wing Rolled

    S15 Drivers side front wing Rolled I have started a new thread as I have since found out it is rolled, but unfortunately it has a dent in the side. Not massive and may knock out, you can just about see it in the first pic. I bought it over year ago and never checked it until now. £30
  3. K

    R33 brake setup changed offset???

    Hi all, I've just fitted r33 gtst brakes to my 15, now the problem I have is my rear wheels are now rubbing on the arches due to a offset change??? The wheels I have are ultralight 18x9.5 et35 no spacers a 245/45/18 tyre.Any one else had this problem when fitting r33 brakes???also I'm wanting...
  4. S

    need some help with wheel offsets

    Right. looking at some wheels but not sure if they will fit.with the offset they have. specs are: 17x9.5 et48 17/215/45 - fronts 17x10 et 50 17/235/45 - rears will these fit a spec r with rolled (not flared) arches or can they be made to fit with spacers? Thanks for.any help in advance :)
  5. paddyb01

    Meisters offsets help

    well lads looking at a set of Meisters but not sure on the offsets there going on a s15 with the lip rolled up on the arch the size is 18x9.5 all round, +12 & +11 pics would help:D
  6. N

    TE37's offset ?

    My s15 is a 99 Jap spec. i Will have Tein Flex or Buddy club coil overs, dont know what one yet.. guards at the back are rolled, What would the offset be if i got the TE37s in 19inch 9.5 rear and 8.5 front and would i get the concave look ? coz the flat face dont look good.
  7. P

    shes been cut!

    note holes marking where the overfenders are going etc more has to be cut off yet... and look i took a souvenir! the black edge is from when i had the arches rolled....
  8. J

    Rolled arches pics Wanted

    I am looking to roll my rear arch, but not really sure the effect of it. I heard a rolled arch can rust easily, is that true? Any more side effects?? HAs anybody used R-tec, from their web site they seems to be quite professional in rolling arches. Can anybody post some pics with a rolled...