1. dave_t

    WTB: S15 Coil Pack x1 (or a full set)

    Well my hesitation/misfire might be linked to no.3 coilpack, so i'm in need of a fully working one :rolleyes: I would consider a full set for the right price hit me with a pm if you have any
  2. G

    Spes S maf code

    I have a 22680 53J00.. This works well with NN SR20DE ecu (Spec S) ? Or what is the maf to the ecu? :rolleyes:
  3. crazymat666

    soon to be new s15 owner ANY COMMON PROBLEMS I SHOULD NO OF

    hello every1 :) as the title says when i sell my dc2 i am guna b on the lookout for a nice s15 but itll be my second turbo car my 1st being a ford escort rs turbo :rolleyes: as u can imagine didnt last long(2 days infact haha) so anyway as i was saying are there any common problems i should...
  4. S

    WTB: Carbon gear and radio surround

    looking for one of these if anyone has one they no longer want etc :rolleyes:
  5. mint

    White s15 in Aberdeen??? huh..

    Topper dude,.. you know of it? White.. BGW, Carbon Boot / Bonnet..? My best mates just told me he passed it today in Aberdeen. Random.. i thought there was only 3 of us! Christ.. common as muck :rolleyes:
  6. Nicely

    MoT failure

    Yes, its true!! Couldn't believe it. Got the usual advisories: braided hoses need grommets in the coilovers, pads are low, rear suspension arm has slight play in pin/bush (going to get them to show me exactly which one, as they're all pillowball... :rolleyes: ). So, what did it fail on? Only...
  7. JEZ 8553

    FS: Nismo Side Indicators - Clear

    Brand new, unopened in box. Brought before i got the car and then realised it was one of the only the mods the car had :rolleyes:. £20 + P&P (UK would be £2.50 First Class Recorded at a guess)
  8. japmadlad


    We are snowed in over here. Its crazy & to make matters worse they don't seem to have heard of gritting the roads in the republic of Ireland.:wack: I spend a fun filled evening with paddy driftin round a big empty carpark & roundabout in a shopping retail park in drogeda. great craic :D...
  9. JEZ 8553

    Rear bootlid...

    Hi guys, Anyone have a spare white bootlid or know the cheapest place to get one (maybe one thats being broken ?). Maybe interested in a S15 in the auctions but it has that horrendous (imo) Nismo spoiler :rolleyes:. Looks like it could be too much of a pain to rmove and fill the holes or...
  10. slammedmind

    what the hell are these things?

    :rolleyes: all i need now is the damn car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:annoyed:
  11. Topper

    RaceX 2006

    Found a couple of pics of a black S15 at RaceX 2006. Anyone attend?? (Yes these are big pictures :rolleyes:)
  12. Topper

    Microsoft Picture Manager

    As some of you know i'm quite handy with Microsoft Paint :wack: However...... i have been using Microsoft Picture manager and my skills have been made to look even better :D :rolleyes: Mrs Topper loves the Pink :D \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ :wave:
  13. Topper

    WTB: Greddy Profec B II Boost Solenoid

    :wave: Anyone got a spare?? Needs to be in good working order, as mine is on the blink and needs replacing :rolleyes:
  14. Nicely

    Took four months and four attempts but...

    I FINALLY got my oil filter relocation kit on today! Problems with the thread and length of the central nozzle on the block adapter meant it had to be re-threaded and shortened. Fitment was attempted between each modification :rolleyes: So, as you can imagine, I'm relieved to finally get the...
  15. M

    Private Plate

    Just seen this on SXOC I was gonna buy this plate when I got the car and it was only up for ?180. :rolleyes:
  16. Topper

    500+bhp S14a

    Another Swede car :rolleyes:
  17. kimi

    What do you think of this ?

    I was going to treat myself to a nice new aero bumper at just over ?700 :eek: but then i found this front lip add on to oem bumper,at just over ?100ish Its also available in carbon fibre :notworthy: What do you think of you think it will look ok or not :rolleyes:
  18. Nicely

    Who's good at Japanese?

    I've got my auto folding mirror controller just arrived. :D However, as expected, the fitting instructions are in Jap :rolleyes: and there are a few things I sort of need a translation for before fitting. Can anyone help out if I scan them in?
  19. Nicely

    Rolling Road result

    Well pleased with 277rwhp (207KW) @ 5700rpm and 286lb/ft (388 Nm)torque @ 4500rpm. :D Need to get my fuelling sorted again at the top end though... :rolleyes: