1. waggoner

    rough running

    Hey guys i picked up my s15 about 3 weeks ago. It was running good for a week then stalled when i came to a complete stop. Next drive it did it twice. And just keeps getting worse. It now cant keep a constant idle after i move it and jerks while driving. i cleaned out the acc valve after reading...
  2. B

    What are these lambda sensors like?

    So I've been having issues with the car running a bit rough lately and after noticing this morning that she drank a lot of petrol on a relatively short drive I've come to the conclusion that it must be the Lambda. I will of course comfirm this before I purchase a new one but can anyone tell me...
  3. N80Jamie

    RAYS TE37 Bronze Alloys 17x8.5 +40

    RAYS TE37 Bronze Alloys 17x8.5 +40, 4 Bridgestone Potenza tyres with good amount of life left in each - Came on the car from Japan and i'm looking at changing them soon so just wanted a rough idea on sale price Also a rough price needed on these LED Yoshio Tail Lights. Cheers guys!
  4. Jay-pan

    Rough running problems

    This has just started recently after I thought I cured it with my splitfire coil packs. Basically I start car when cold it will run fine then start popping once or twice and then run really rough like a coil pack but I've unplugged each one when it does it and it goes worst! Secondly could be...
  5. S

    strange noise/ rough start up on cold

    Car suddenly developed a rough start up and idle only on cold start sort sounds like coming from the belt also pod sounds out of place could be dusty afm? I have the z32
  6. D

    Spec S.........R20DET

    Well lads said id put this up here been fairly depressed since I sold my last silvia So I said Id try and get an s15 as Ive never had one so looked at a few spec R's but they were all seriously rough really was amazed at how rough they were! So mechanic buddy suggested a spec s conversion...
  7. D

    engine running issue

    Hi guys! Hope i can get some help here, lateley i have been expriencing engine struggles/roughness after 3000 rpm. It is a 1999 jdm spec R, it boosts fine (1 bar) but is undrivable after the 3000 pm rev range. It feels like its not sparking or something but just a huge loss in power and real...
  8. B

    rough idle and BOV issue

    hey guys and girls, i have a problem with my s15, if anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Anyways, my problem is that the idle is a bit rough. Not ridiculously rough and its not that noticible i only notice it because i drive her all the time, its almost like it feel like shes missing...
  9. W

    S15 colours

    There seems to be very few colours. Most are white, with pewter being next. Do we know what the rough colour percentages are?
  10. Yakozan

    Gatebil track event, Sweden, anyone wanna go?

    Link to the website. date and location: Gatebil Festival, Mantorp (Sweden) - 29th-1st of July (Friday-Sunday) So. Does anyone wanna come over. :) If it was closer to my home I could have offered a place to sleep. But It's to far away so I will...