1. F

    Km to mph conversion ,

    Anyone know anyone that can change km into miles and also delimit? Also roughly how much does it cost? Thanks
  2. S

    WTB: Welder near Brandon, Suffolk

    I'm looking for someone that can weld my cast iron exhaust manifold. Not sure how much it'll cost, but I can purchase a new top mount exhaust manifold for roughly £70.
  3. Curryzz


    what tax bracket is the s15, roughly how much a year:(
  4. S

    Looking to buy a s15 need help

    Hi All, Just sold my evo 8 mr and wanted to go for a silvia s15 spec R and was wondering what are the service cost like and intervals, can't be as bad as a evo right? and where can i service it? Dealers or any specialist recommended around south east london? roughly how much mpg does it...
  5. A

    Another Melbourne 15

    Hey All, Joined the last forum and found this one again so joined up. I have a Black Aus Spec S (Yes it does have a turbo). No mods yet as insurance is killing me being 20yrs old. Plan to get a turbo back CES exhaust with K&N Pod next. So far I have only changed the badges to Silvia and put...