1. J

    FS: S15/S14 Tein flex Z

    Selling my tein flex Z coilovers, they are for an S14, but had them on my S15 with no problems. They've been on my car for approximately 3000 miles so they're still pretty new. Comes with all the stickers, C spanners and manual. The only thing missing is one of the rubber adjuster caps...
  2. H

    WTB: SR20 Rubber oil return pipe

    wanted as above the small 3" or so rubber pipe between Turbo oil drain and sump needed asap
  3. A

    Exhaust hanger rubber mounts

    Anyone know where to get some replacement rubber hangers for the exhaust? tnx
  4. jake

    Alloys + rubber

    So what alloys and rubber are people running ? I'm on Work Emotion CR Kai's in Matt Carbo R-18.9.5 F-18-8.5 Falken FK452 tires R-235/40/18 F-215/40/18 Maybe thinking of going handcooked on the next change ?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. W

    WTB: S15 Driver Door Rubber Strip

    Anyone know where I can get the rubber strip thingy that wraps around the drivers window? Sent from my XT1052 using Tapatalk
  6. dave_t

    WTB: S15 Sound Deadening Around Shifter & Rubber Shifter Boot

    I'm after the oem sound deadening which fits around the shifter, and also the rubber shifter boot. i have pictured them below: Sound Deadening Rubber Boot If anyone has either or better yet both, PM me for quickest response! Thanks David
  7. NICKO

    WTB: Standard recirculation pipes

    Im after the standard bov recirculation pipe that runs over the front of the rocker cover and has 2x rubber hoses one on each end :nod: let me know guys, Cheers
  8. R-Spec

    Front brake hard pipes

    Hi guys. Front brake lines.... From just inside the inner wing where they meet the rubber hoses to the ABS unit.. Are they the same as S14a?
  9. J

    WTB: Passenger side window runner and rubber

    Hi people I'm in desperate need of a passenger side window runner and the rubber that the top of the window sits in if any one can help please give me a bell on 07904317275 sound
  10. J

    WTB: N/s window runner and rubber

    Hi people I'm after a n/s window runner and the rubber that it sits in if any one can help please do thanks
  11. S

    Does the cam cover have special bolts?

    Recently bought a load of Tegiwa washers and bolts and was thinking of swapping the cam cover bolts just took one of the bolts off and it had like a rubber grommet on it, to me a bolts a bolt but thought I would ask on here first.
  12. J

    WTB: passanger side window runner and rubber

    hi people im after a passanger side window runner and the rubber that it sits in need this asap as my s15 is nearley compleat if you have one please tex or call me on 07904317275 sound
  13. S

    s15 windscreen rubber!!!HELP!!!

    Hey guys, Im just about to remove my front windscreen doesnt matter if it cracks (already is), But how the hell do you get it out, the rubber is giving me the biggest dramas do you have to ruin it to get it out or can you save it??? (should i cut the rubber mould) Also whats the easiest way to...
  14. japmadlad

    WTB: door rubber

    looking for the black rubber strip that runs along the bottom of the window on the outside of the door on the passenger side
  15. W

    Best Oil Filter Removal Tool For The S15

    Please recommend me something tried and tested as its a pretty awkward place on these cars. Before anyone says it, I've already tried using my hands using rubber gloves for half an hour but didn't have any luck at all so gave up.
  16. S15AK

    Wind Deflectors (fitting)

    Hi Guys.. Just wandering if anyone has installed the wind deflectors on the S15. I've looked at the link below which tells you how, but I can't work out how to remove the rubber seal, and which seal at that. Do I remove the outter door seal? and if so how.. don't want to break anything...
  17. TriniGT

    Need Someone with Nissan FAST

    Need someone with Nissan FAST to verify these part numbers with pictures please, 80820-85F10 RH 80821-85F10 LH 76872-85F00 RH 76873-85F00 LH 82328-92F00 RH 82329-92F00 LH Basicaly, I am looking for some trim parts for my S15. Looking for the outer door trim that sits on the top of the metal...
  18. TriniGT

    Removing and Reinstalling Door Glass Upper Rubber Trim

    Can anyone tell me how to reomve and re-install the rubber trim that sits on the top of the door that shims the door glass properly and runs underneath the mirror. I know the mirror has to come off but how do you remove it as I am painting my car and want a thorough job and want to be able to...
  19. richy200

    WTB: drivers side rear quarter glass/rubber and fixings needed

    Hi guys i'm after the rear drivers side quarter glass and rubber and all fixings. I have spoken to a few people but i keep getting let down i.e. people don't want to have it cut out or some1 has decided to sell their car as a whole, some1 wudn't post it etc. anyone willing to get the glass...
  20. raytsang

    rear side window rubber

    Hi guys, I want to replace the rubber surround but keep the glass, as the rubber in mine are damaged from removal to respray the car. Is it possible to just order the rubber surround? if so anyone know the part number?