1. Max

    WTB: C's short shifter

    Any chance?? I know these are a rare item but are what I really want to go with Craig's old (new) gearbox. No rush, anyone breaking?
  2. S

    adzsy - clear your inbox

    and no rush btw
  3. C

    New Member Wanting Info on S15.

    Hi Guys new to the s15 scene and i am wanting to get one next year when i turn 21 so i am wanting some info. i have no rush to get one so not goin to rush in to anything. i currently have a mk4 Astra Sri Turbo so wanting to change to a s15. so down to the questions what power is an s15...
  4. M

    Hi all, s15 owner in a month or 2!!!

    hi everyone, just starting to get into the import scene, all my mates have s2000's and 2 of my mates drive s15's, drove one a few weeks ago and fell inlove. now im out shoping for a s15, i dont wanna rush into it, id rather look around till i find one that screams BUY ME NOW! thanks for reading...
  5. A

    Alans s15

    Hi my name is alan, finally came around to posting after being persuaded (xlr8). In a bit of a rush will get up more pics and spec soon.:nod: , , ,