1. B

    Russia with Love

    Hi, My name is Serge I'm from Moscow, here's my Silvia
  2. Re-VolveR

    FS: Gtech fanatic precision RR

    Gtech fanatic precision RR new 200 GBP + 30 delivery to UK(exspress mail service) item location - Russia email: PM or facebook:
  3. Kōsoku

    Kōsoku's S15 from Saint-Petersburg, Russia

    Hello everyone!.. My name is Sergey, from Russia. On 1st of September I'd bought spec R with damaged body and now I'm rebuilding it. Planing to buy Top Secret Widebody on it... And Yes, its white!.. ))
  4. A

    FS: Knuckle for super angle

    $750 (1-2 pairs) $700 (2-10 pairs) $670 (more than 10 pairs) + shipping from Russia (DHL, EMS or others) or skype: albert_s15
  5. S

    New S15 Varietta Owner

    Hi all, My name is Yury, I'm from Moscow, Russia. My Varietta Photo in Japan: the first photo in Russia:
  6. M

    S15 Club Russia

    Russian S15 club. Welcome. :)
  7. E

    ebay seller: roguePI. In Australia, but has some great products. Have bought from him in the past (with shipping to Russia) and found him professional and reliable. Lots of good SR20DET upgrade bits