1. C

    RWYB 1/4 mile times

    Has anyone on here taken their cars to a RWYB day? If so what times did you get?? I went to Shakespeare County Raceway for a bit of fun today and posted a standing 1/4 time of 13.1 with a terminal speed of 110mph. Was a bit disappointed as I wanted to get into the 12's really but the grip off...
  2. J

    RWYB: Sun 3rd Sept - Santapod, Northants

    Just wondered if any of you fancied a light-hearted RWYB at Santapod on Sept 3rd? :) I'm going with Emma (in our own cars) - thought at least Ming and Dazzo might like to join us! Maybe Nicely could make the trip too? Post your interest here... :thumbs: