1. tooley

    My GF's s12

    Mr mrs bought this s12! Very clean chassis engine has done genuine 72k!! That's makes a 12 a 14a and a 15 on my drive lol I'm not going to lie I like it! I'm under strict orders to only suggest mods lol thus is going to be restored, slammed 15x9j rims :)
  2. G

    Hi from Cyprus!

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd say Hi! :) Owned an S15 Spec-S, sold it.. regretted it and now am sourcing a Spec-R to fill the hole in my heart ;) Am not new to Nissans.. owned a bunch of Skylines (all R33s), a GTi-R, and even an S12! Frankly though.. the S15 was by far the best for my needs...
  3. P

    Hi All New Ozzie Member

    Hi All im Pikie! I thought I might introduce myself. I have wanted an s15 since they were released, I finally found one with really low kms (36,000) so I got a loan and bought it! It?s a red spec r 2001 model. I have fitted two gauges and increased the boost and removed the dumb rear spoiler...