1. M4TT

    New member from Isle of Wight

    Hi guys, Just signed up and thought i'd best say hi. Don't current own an S15 but have always been a huge fan, I think i've waiting long enough and have started to begin the hunt :) I current own a Honda S2000 which will be up for sale next week to help fund this. Will be looking for a pewter...
  2. B

    5.7 L V8 Honda S2000

    Just thought id put on some pictures of a project i was involved in a couple of months ago, We put a Corvette 5.7L V8 LS1 engine in my mates Honda S2000, it was quite a big project but the 3 of us (me, my brother and my mate who owns the car) got it done in just a couple of weeks just doing...
  3. G

    Honda S2000 Opinions

    Hi All, Its been a while since ive posted anything here as i sold my S15 almost 2 years ago, how time flies. I now have my heart set on an S2000 which i will hopefully be the owner of in the next week or so. Prices have dropped dramatically here in ireland. There are 2 possibilities that i will...
  4. R

    Newbie drom Ireland

    How ya gettin on, my name is Ryan and I'm currently contemplating an S15 its between that an S2000 or DC5. My budget isnt great so would be lookin for a recession busting bargain:nod:
  5. R

    WTB: WTD: S15 for my S2000

    Hey folks here's the spec: 2003 (53 Plate) Monte Carlo Blue S2000 GT 64,000 Miles MOT = April 2010 Tax = Sept 2009 FULL Honda Service History All reciepts from new, including inital purchase reciept for 23K Original GT Hardtop, OEM Stand and Cover Original Tonnea Cover 2004 S2000 17" Alloys (I...
  6. R

    New Member - Possibly Looking For An S15

    Hey Folks, My name is Wullie, I'm from Ayrshire, in Scotland and currently I'm driving a Monte Carlo Blue, MY03 Honda S2000 GT. Some of you will know my board name from the SXOC as I have had an S13 before then. I've met one or 2 of the scottish members before (Mr Mint and forgive my name...
  7. G

    Opinions on the Honda S2000

    Hey lads, Just wondering what people on heres opinion on the S2000 is. The last few months ive been thinking about getting one. do you think it suffers from the same image the MX5 has as being a 'hairdressers car'?? Ive never had a Honda so would appreciate peoples opinion that have a bit of...
  8. N

    Test Drive..!!

    Well I went for a test drive yesterday of a spec R s15... And all i can say is wow... I found it real comfy, nice driving position, and the engine pulled really well... I though my mind was made up, until last night, when i went to the jap meet at Bluewater, and there was Kierans s15...
  9. N

    Newbie from Kent

    Hey... Im Nick, and im planning on getting a new car... Now its one or the other, a sexy Honda s2000 or the lovely s15 spec R... Im looking at spending near the bottom of both price ranges which will be around 11k, so im hoping i can get a nice example for that, although I know it will be...