WTB: WTB Front xoilovers

    Hi guys Need a pair of front coilovers for my S15, preferably Tein's Cheers in advance Sam Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. S15_SAM

    WTB: WINDSCREEN !!!!! Needed asap!

    Hey guys. I've cracked my screen so need a new one, anyone know of any companies that make them? Or can supply them? Cheers sam
  3. S15_SAM

    WTB: S15 ignition coil needed

    As above please, need a genuine S15 coil. Only need one good one! Thanks Sam
  4. S

    Newbie from Manchester

    Hi Everyone :) I've just put a deposit down on my first S15 Spec-R. Looking forward to going picking it up soon and getting more involved around here. Sam.
  5. C

    Hello from Somerset :)

    Hey guys. So my name is Sam, I'm 20, currently Drive an EP3 Type R. Im looking at getting an S15 about match time next year. Who's got a few hours to spare to chat about S15's? ;) Thanks in advance. Sam
  6. M

    Hi people

    hi, i dont have an s15 yet but it WILL be my next car as iv loved it ever since it came out when i was like 10 just looking for some help on how to get hold of one and any info i should know about before i own one:D cheers sam
  7. S

    Meet: Brisbane Jan 2011 Meet

    Hi all, So I am attempting to see if anyone is keen for a meet. I noticed that there is a big charity cruise on the 29th Jan being organised by Nissan Silvia so I thought maybe we could all attend this as a group? Anyway let me...
  8. S

    Spec R rear floor bracing into a SpecS

    Hey guys, Is it a direct bolt in, or is there drilling and tapping involved? Thanks again Sam
  9. S

    WTB: s15 pillar

    hey guys, Im after a spec r drivers side A-Pillar with the gauge cup thing, without the boost gauge. Cheers Sam
  10. S

    Oil Pressure Sender

    Is it the same for the R33 GTST as for the S15? Thanks v muchly Sam
  11. S

    WTB: adj camber arms

    really want some rear adjustable camber arms for my s15, any brand doesn't matter too much Thanks Sam
  12. S

    WTB: Spec-r clock loom

    am after someone who is breaking an s15 spec r. am after the 3 plugs that pulg into the back of the clocks(rev counter etc) dont need to be a complete loom just the plugs with a length of wire on them. cheers sam
  13. irvs

    sam from BB's bebo page

    hehe got i am good when im sober:rotfl: got my hands on the sexy sam (one of those twins from big brother) bebo page. have a look some nice pics;)
  14. S


    does any one no of anyone who is breaking an s15? or will be? or any importer who can get parts off them? cheers sam
  15. S

    WTB: s15 dah binicle

    hi guys, i am after a s15 dash binicle, (the bit with the dials in) has any one got one for sale? cheers sam