1. N

    Mocal oil sandwich plate center bolt size??

    I'm missing the center bolt from the thermostatic sandwich plate can anyone tell me what size ect or where I can buy one? S15 sr20det obviously
  2. JDM_virgin

    DEPO Gauges

    Hi guys, looking at buying some depo gauges and on their website is says they all come with all the required bits to make them work. I was wondering that for the oil temp/pressure gauges do they supply a sandwich plate or do you need to buy one extra as they provide the oil sensor...
  3. pegliobaglio

    oil sandwich plate

    Anyone know where I can get a decent sandwich plate from? Have just fitted a defi oil temp gauge and need a plate for the sensor,any ideas?
  4. T

    Sandwich Plate and Water Temp Fitting Sizes?

    Does anyone know what the exact sizes I need are for the above? I've been searching online and it seems the standard top hose diameter is 34mm. Anyone confirm this? And I cant find out which sandwich plate to use? Is it: (1) 3/4 UNF (2) M20 x 1.5mm (3) M18 x 1.5mm any help appreciated...
  5. W

    WTB: defi sandwich plate

    Hi guys ive just recently bought defi black face oil temp guage defi black face water temp guage defi black face boost guage and the defi control box But i dont seem to have any wiring for the controller to be wired to the ecu? Also what sensors do i need for these? And also need the sandwich...
  6. C

    Oil cooler sandwich plates

    I'm looking to fit an oil cooler soon, but dont know which type of sandwich plate to go for. Ideally I want a thermostatic plate as 90% of the time the oil will be cool enough without the cooler but, as with everything, I have heard roumers that the thermostatic plates considerably restrict...
  7. sushiming

    FS: 60mm Defi gauges oil temp and pressure Greddy Sandwich plate

    Right guys ive got two defi gauges and Greddy sandwich plate up for sale All brand new not been used Gauges are Defi BF black with amber 1 x Defi Oil Tempreture Gauge ?100 1 x Defi Oil Pressure Gauge ?100 1 x Greddy Sandwich plate ?40