1. Lucy_Stlthy

    Hi from Beds

    Hey all, Just had my S15 delivered this week, its a import from Japan, MOT this saturday, can't wait to get driving her!!!
  2. mattyjp

    Open Event: santa pod japshow finale 29th-30th september

    tickets are: £22 full weekend hardcore camping legends £14 sunday show offs gate opens at 8am on saturday and for those of you coming on the sunday it opens between 7-8am for clubs to get set up before the public arrive at 8am all the other info needed is on For the weekender...
  3. J

    Detailing Jem - Dates available in August

    With July already fully booked, I thought it would be best to get August's dates up:thumbs: That said, if you do what your car done, please do PM me as someone might drop out, or I might be able to squeeze another day in somewhere :thumbs: Please see this thread for more info and the the...
  4. J

    Detailing Jem - Dates available in July - Fully booked already!

    Well this is a first, I'm already fully booked a month in advance :D That said, if you do what your car done, please do PM me as someone might drop out, or I might be able to squeeze another day in somewhere :thumbs: Please see this thread for more info and the the Detailing Jem website...
  5. L

    Hello everybody!

    Hi there, my name is Martin and i'm from Llanelli in South Wales. Currently driving one of these: But next Saturday i will be picking up my Ichi-go from Torque GT. Went down to see it yesterday, still registered on Japansese plates. Had a couple of cosmetic blemishes but they are getting...

    New to the scene..

    Just managed to put down a deposit on a Spec R 2001 Silvia at last! hopefully picking it up friday or maybe saturday from dover! Wondering what insurance any of you lot use and if there's a club discount? matt.:D
  7. N

    Open Event: Drift Donnington

    Hey all, After meeting sliding-r last Saturday. I told him about the last DWYB at Santa Pod I did and that him and LuPix_S15 were interested in attending the next one when they can. It's a bit late notice but a new Drift venue very similar to Santa Pod has been announced that will be held...
  8. D

    I'm back for round 2

    Hello everyone, after the saga that was my last S15 I was even thinking about not getting another one and buying something else. I'm glad I didn't. Charlie from Prodrift has sourced this beautiful pearl spec r for me. It's a lovely clean little car and i can't wait to go pick it up this coming...
  9. D

    Boost pressure seems low??!!

    Well I only have my car 2 weeks but I'm thinking the boost pressure is lower than it should be as standard even. The only mods the car has are Blitz FMIC, Blitz filter and Nismo cat-back. According to my boost gauge (the standard one) the car is only boosting to about 0.45 bar, could this be...
  10. LuPix_S15

    New Teins Fitted *woop*

    Hi folks :wave: Well it's been very quiet from me over the past few months cos I've been busy doing more and more professional photography jobs (on top of my day-to-day job lol) :wack: So I'm back with a vengeance as I want Silvia ready for some track action at JTS, Silverstone in May :nod...
  11. slammedmind


    Off to london this weekend for ufc in the o2 arena. Now my question is where is good to party in london? Im there with a few mates for friday and saturday so anyone that wants to get into trouble let me know :D
  12. Big Ned

    Hi there

    Hello, I've put a deposit on an S15 Spec R yesterday. If all goes well I should have it tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. It's a fresh import in pewter. Looking forward to something a bit more lively than the Celica GT-Four it's replacing.
  13. J

    Jono's S15 Leaving Pics

    So... just a few more days of S15 ownership left for me :( :cry: All things going well, I will swap my S15 for the R33 GTST on Saturday. I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took of the car last night, with y'all.... *sigh* - I'm gonna miss this car :(
  14. moomin


    hey, is anyone going to japfest this saturday??? is there a s15 stand too???
  15. J

    Not driving

    I had an operation on the 9th of November and haven't driven since... that's nearly a whole month :( My poor S15. It's my Birthday on Saturday and having almost recovered - I reckon I'm going to go for a birthday spin! :D Can't wait!
  16. P

    FMIC at last

    It's long last it's in. The bloody thing was sitting on my garage floor for the past 10 months but it's finally in :D :D :D I'know but I only picked it up after dark so I'll take some soon (dyno day on Saturday)...
  17. Nicely

    So the UK is cold and miserable?

    So, why has the weather been like this round my way for the past week? Tuesday: Sunny, 26?C Wednesday: Sunny, 29?C Thursday: Sunny, 25?C Friday: Sunny, 25?C Saturday: Sunny, 27?C Sunday: Sunny, 30?C Monday: Sunny, 32?C Hours of sunshine every day 14-16 hours Forecasted Tuesday (today)...