1. JaseYpk

    FS: Aftermarket S15 Rear Lights (circle-type)

    Got these up on ebay! MINT condition, like new, not even a single scratch or spec of dirt. ;) Starting at £10, bargain! Have a dabble!
  2. J

    FS: Gaitor surround

    just a spare which is no longer need, there is only the odd minor small scratch. £10+postage
  3. DeanS15

    FS: spec r aero spoiler, great condition in pewter silver

    as above, i have a spec r aero spoiler in silver with a tinted triangle brake light, fixings and enough wire to connect the brake light to your rear light cluster. there is one small scratch smaller than a 5p piece which is hardly noticeable,can post pics of the scratch on request, other than...
  4. Surfing Boris

    Roof top problem

    Hi Guys, I am working desperately hard to become an S15 owner and it will happen soon but has been hindered by a recent motorbike accident thanks to the car driver never looking. I can only afford to run and keep one car, and that will be the silvia but i have a problem. I am a very keen...
  5. S

    how do i restart the cpu system

    i think i need to restart my computer system in the car, its still acting up from the other day. i just wanna try restartin the whole system so i can start from scratch. i already tried the basic pullin off the positive cables and lettin it sit, and that didnt work, i even tried the negative aswell.
  6. N

    This might be the one... :)

    What you think...? Going to view on tuesday, then if its all up to scratch, deposit, then buy... Cant wait... Nick
  7. A

    fixing minor scratches

    Hi all first post in this forum. might be a n00b question or not. but i have a few scratches on my car nothing major. I jus want to see what the opinion is on how to fix scratches... ? or is the best way to take it to a detailer or someplace to get it resprayed... seems quite drastic for a...