1. Fasthands

    Forum problems..

    WTF is going on the home area is just showing activity something or other I cant get to see the forum sections page as usual.. or have I pressed something? lol
  2. Andyw

    FS: Nismo Exhaust

    Hey guys, I also have for sale the old nismo system i removed from my car Was already on the car when i bought it, so i know nothing about it. Has covered abt 45k miles Looks quite tidy, and has a quiet sound, with a decent noise on throttle - ideal for people liking quiet exhausts 2...
  3. P

    Idea For New Sections

    Just been thinking what about putting 2 sections up for example Recommended Not Recommended So if anyone has a good or bad experience buying anything people will know who's good and who to avoid Just an idea though :nod:
  4. J


    Hello, I vaguely remember a thread on the old forum by a member who made the suggestion that there are too many sections and sub-categories would help in simplifying the general organisational structure. I spent 15 minutes this evening to reduce the forums main sections into centralised...