1. S15RKM

    Selector fork needed 5th/reverse

    It seems my selector fork for 5th and reverse has been damaged so I need a replacement, does anybody know of where I can purchase this item or does anyone have one for sale. This is urgent so any help will be much appreciated.:)
  2. Y

    Stripping a gear box

    My 5th/Reverse selector fork needs to be put back into position as i took out the bolt that holds it by mistake :o I know i need to remove the gearbox to fix it but what i want to know is, when i have the gearbox out, is there much work required to access the selector guess is that i...
  3. S

    SillbeerS15's small update

    Christmas came early for me this year.....cheers everyone! Recently installed the following: 1. HKS F-CON V Pro 3.24, with map selector and launch/antilag control. 2. HKS 740cc injectors. 3. HKS Twin Power. 4. HKS 100mm Suction Kit. 5. HKS EVC (VI). And tuned..... Following are some pics to...
  4. K

    Heater mode selction failed.

    Hi all. Has anyone had the mode selection fail before? When i select it it switches between screen/vents/feet etc, but it does not physically change. I hear a tiny click and that's it. I think the unit is ok as the fan and everything else works. Could someone shed any light? Also, where...
  5. Nicely

    Injector Selector

    Calculate what size injectors you should be using for the power you're running.