1. A

    Battery light came on.

    the battery light came on while I was driving, I take it this probably means the alternator!? Anyone know a decent place that sells them?
  2. J

    FS: Wanted: Rear spoiler

    Hallo, I'm searching for a OEM rear spoiler. If anybody sells ones, please let me know. greetings Jay
  3. S15_SAM

    Rear spoiler options.

    So I'm hopefully getting my car resprayed and I've been running the BGW for 4 years now. I fancy a change, anyone have any spoilers for sale? Also does anybody know if you can buy the rocket bunny ducktail spoiler yet?as the website only sells the kit.
  4. S

    Where to get an apexi power intake filter?

    Was told there are quite a few fakes about, where sells genuine ones or am I best to stick to rhdjapan? Also are they all the same size? Thanks in advance!
  5. dave_t

    Rear Z32 to S15 Brake Lines (Conversion Lines) - Who sells them?

    Converting the rear brakes on the S15 to run the Z32 setup, and need the conversion brake lines. who sells them in the UK?
  6. D

    WTB: Needed in Oz - s15 headlight pair

    As title suggests, I'm trying to get my hands on a pair of s15 headlights. had them for ~$600/pair but dont have any left. is a 45 day back order Does anybody else have, or know of, somewhere that sells them for a decent price? I'm happy to take second hand ones &...
  7. 70YSR

    Finding a spare key?

    Has anyone ever bought a genuine nissan ignition key (one with a transponder unit) i can't seem to find anyone who sells them :S
  8. D

    batteries for FMIC's

    could someone please measure their battery that they've got when using a FMIC. basically.....obviously height doesn't matter... but width and length and which way the terminals go etc... mates mum works at a place that sells batteries but need to know the size in to make sure it's the right...