1. vinnie

    Open Event: Brands Hatch Taster Session

    Hey After going Go-Karting and finishing in last place i thought it be cool to go on a track with my S15. I spoke to Nick who arranges everything and he said that there will be 25 cars in total so before i book anything i thought a ask if anyone else wants to come along. Its a 20 min...
  2. LuPix_S15

    Stagea @ Totally Modified RR Session

    Hey guys :) Last weekend, I was asked by Chris from new magazine coming out called Totally Modified to take some pics of their rolling road session at Hi-Tech Performance in Cradley Heath. Subsequently, I booked my Stagea to have a run as well since I wanted to make sure everthing's sweet in...
  3. LuPix_S15

    Japanese Tuning Show (JTS 2010) *PICS & VIDEOS*

    Ok folks :wave: Another set of pics and vids I put together from last Sunday's JTS event (Silverstone). Third year running I've been to same show and must say amount of visitors this time round was much less than the two previous years :( However, it was still a cracking day with BDC on show...
  4. Darren_S15

    R35 Track Session

    Finally got around to doing my R35 track session the girl friend got me for my Birthday today. Did it at Prestwood Hall in Leicester and was a nice sunny morning with a dry track. Was very impressed with the car, goes like a rocket and is so nice to drive. Only problem is now I want one...
  5. LuPix_S15

    JTS 2009 - My S15 On Track *Pics & Vids*

    Hola :wave: As most of you know, JTS is all about getting your own car on track (as well as the EDC and Time Attack!!) and I've been getting a number of things sorted for the 15 over the past few months with the intention of getting my first track experience at this fantastic show. So with two...
  6. C

    new ireland member

    hi people im from ireland have just came onto the site..and its really cool:thumbs: i am a pro driver with pro drift..have had lots of s body silvias down through the years.and have to say the s15 has been my fav i used this s15 last session in the european series and ireland prodrift series...