1. S

    Had some pics done

    A friend has a canon 7d and is getting into car photography and offered to take some photo's, came out very good so i thought i would share them, photobucket has killed the quality as standard but you get the idea! Also bigger ones on
  2. JaseYpk

    Goon in his DC5 (funny video)

    Nice DC5, shame about the loony driving it haha.
  3. sushiming

    Pewter Y reg exiting M1 via northampton

    yeh i cant remember the full plate but i saw it go passed me i was in my civic what a shame but Pewter with rear splats.... is it anyone on the forum....??
  4. kimi

    2007 events

    hi guys :wave: just wondering if we as a club are going to do any jap shows or drifting events this year ? as we had a nice new club banner last year and only used it once at D1 :rotfl: seems a shame not to show it off :wack: kimi xx
  5. I

    Fast and Furious - Tokyo Drift

    Ok, dunno whether you guys have seen this - but it's relatively entertaining with some good car action - and funnily enough - drift! But my gripe is this - they only gave the S15 limited coverage at the beginning and that was about it! The stars of the show were a Rx7 (ok, you know I like them...