1. M

    WTB: Floor mats wanted

    After a good condition pair of mats, or somewhere to buy new. Seen some on eBay but they're not the right shape. Just need the front pair.
  2. V

    Hi from Southampton

    Hi all, Had a stage 1a S14 5 years ago and now looking to move from my 350z to a s14a or ideally a S15 as have always loved the shape. Member of SXOC and 350z-uk and hope to get to know some of you on here too. Cheers, Paul
  3. K

    What front bar is this?

    ?? Is it Uras? Which type specifically? This one looks VERY similar but the left and right vents are a different shape. Anyone know what kit this one is? Thanks in advance!
  4. R

    WTB: Oem 6 speed s15 gearknob

    I'm very interested in one, I want one that's in immaculate condition.:D I Like the nismo tegiwa one I have currently but don't like the shape of it With Gaitor :)
  5. Jordan

    WTB: Carbon fibre bonnet. Standard shape

    Anyone got one??
  6. lvaleiron

    WTB: Front driver side wing oem

    I need a driver side front wing in any color and good shape shipped to Miami, can anyone help? Cheers!
  7. G

    FS: Car Mascots For Sale!!!

    Well Craig8585 sent me here from another well known site.. I hope this is ok, if not, blame him !!! :) I'm Gina, I'll give you a bit of a live story first... I'm 21 and from Cambridge, I'm at Cambridge School of Art, I work as a live in nanny, I work as a supply TA in a special needs school, I...
  8. sliding-r

    Which alignment bits do i need?

    As above, will list my spec first so you can get the picture of handling mods so far I have: Apex gen 2 coilies- set quite low, 6/5 Subframme Locking Collars- Ace mod i think and cheap enough;) Whiteline ARBs to go on that I have sourced second hand Cusco F+R Strut braces Im...
  9. JaseYpk

    WTB: Radiator Support/Bonnet Catch Panel

    Not sure what this is called exactly, but its the panel at the top of the radiator that holds it in place, where the bonnet catch locks onto. mine is all bent out of shape.. and i need a fixed one!! any help? cheers
  10. A

    WTB: spec R wing

    looking for a spec R wing in good shape
  11. Benne

    FS: stock fog light

    Got a set of stock fog lights for sale, are in good shape. looking for 80 GBP
  12. R

    WTB: sr20det

    Need a good working sr20det blacktop from s14 with low miles. I do not need a cheap engine.. need one in best shape and low miles. I need it with everything on it ready to be swapped.
  13. S

    If you were to carbon fibre your car, what would you do?

    I found a good carbon fibre guy who can make anything so I'm thinking of replacing most of detachable exterior parts. So I was wondering if you are going to replace them, what design would you prefer? I gotta make moulds first so that means I can have duplicate parts hence I can offer very...
  14. S

    Buddy club

    Ok buddy club no longer produce this. but is there anybody ANYBODY who produces near same shape? So desperate for thie kind of shape. aluminum rim with gunmetal 6 spoke i'm looking into GTR offset or possibly even lower but still keeping 17" so something like 17X9 and 17x9.5?
  15. S

    I really think S15 have the best shape.

    How about you? Seriously with no bias please :cool: I think it has the best lines curves and shape in its class. When I say class, sport coupe. Well I even think it looks better than some Ferrari shape. If S15 is as wide as they are, it will look even better. Your thoughts? :D
  16. D

    WTB: head light

    need a pass side head light with glass broken or cracked if any one has one laying around let me know and i will buy it off them even broken brackets with no glass will do as long as it has the outline shape to it if i get one when i am finished with it i will post up pics to let you see what it...
  17. Topper


    Just been on there site looking at Front pipes for the S15, seems there are a few options - HKS - Polished Front Pipe - ?139.07 HKS - Stainless Front Pipe - ?180.25 Now i can see the shape is different, and by the title they seem to be finished differently, but which one is best??