1. C

    Cube speed short shifter

    My shifter feels very lose and was thinking of buying a cube speed short shifter. Has anyone ever fitted one of these and what are they like?
  2. dave_t

    FS: C's Short Shifter Kit - Refurbished - Including Sound Deadening Mod - S15 6-Speed

    Item For Sale: C's Short Shifter Kit - Refurbished - Including Sound Deadening Mod - S15 6-Speed Description: This S15 6-Speed fitment C's Short Shifter Kit comes with the Original Box & Instructions On receiving the kit from Japan, i fitted a New Genuine OEM Nissan Nylon...
  3. Max

    FS: C's Short Shifter

    As used in my S15 Spec R 6speed for about 6 months before I blew the gearbox! Rare as rocking horse ****, and I'm trying to pay for my 350z gearbox conversion! £240 delivered.
  4. mattyjp

    FS: Cs short shifter, low milage 6 speed spec r box and lots of other parts

    Selling as I’ve recently sold my S15 spec R(soul) there’s probably more parts and I will add more info/pics as interest dictates to prevent the same questions being asked. Open to sensible offers. parts may be sent at extra cost price does not include postage. Unless otherwise stated parts are...
  5. Mycool

    WTB: 6 speed short shifter???

    Hi guys, ive been looking for a 6 speed short shifter for my s15 spec r. Ive been looking for one for absolutely ages now. & have purchased 2 where i was told its suitable but once received they always seem to be for 5 speed lol. Any about? Cheers
  6. L

    Solid shift bush install question

    Hi guys, I got this far into fitting my brass shift bush the other day and couldn't get any further. Is this the seal/gaiter that needs to be cut to be removed? Also I'll be changing my gearbox oil at the same time so once the shifter is out I can fill it up from where the shifter goes...
  7. dave_t

    C's Short Shifter Installed! + Rubber Boot Mod + Shifter Surround Refurb

    Well as soon as the C's Shifter arrived, i couldn't wait to unbox it! I cleaned it thoroughly, and got to greasing it for a nice smooth operation. I then followed this fitting guide - http:// Very easy Install Now even with my OEM...
  8. dave_t

    WTB: S15 Sound Deadening Around Shifter & Rubber Shifter Boot

    I'm after the oem sound deadening which fits around the shifter, and also the rubber shifter boot. i have pictured them below: Sound Deadening Rubber Boot If anyone has either or better yet both, PM me for quickest response! Thanks David
  9. M

    FS: c's short shifter s15 6mt

    As title says s15 spec r 6 speed c's short shifter for sale..I purchased this from Japan as a used item but never fitted it myself as plans have changed and now going to use 350z box.. It comes in its own box with fitting instructions included.. These are really really rare in this condition as...
  10. M

    c's short shifter

    How much are these worth have one there in the box with instructions? Debating to sell or not ill see if it's worth selling.
  11. K

    WTB: WTB: C's short shifter for S15 6 speed

    After a complete C's short shifter kit for a 6 speed manual S15 Silvia! Willing to pay good money for it. Please let me know.
  12. dave_t

    FS: Circuit Sports Solid Shifter Collar Bushing S13/14/15 5-Speed Transmission

    Item For Sale: Circuit Sports Solid Shifter Collar Bushing for all S13/14/15 5-Speed Transmission. Replace your worn out oem nylon collar to vastly reduce the slack in your shifter. Bought inadvertently for my 6-Speed, only realised when it arrived in the post that it is not compatable. So i...
  13. Z

    nismo short shifter

    do anybody use this short shifter? How are your experience?
  14. K

    WTB: C's short shifter for 6 speed S15

    Hey guys, am after a C's short shifter for a 6 speed manual S15 gearbox :) Anyone selling?
  15. G

    FS: 6 speed shifter surround and shifter boot

    included are, the silver outer trim, the creamy yellow bit that holds the boot in and the leather effect boot. the boot has a bit of wear and has slightly holed in 2 wont really notice when fitted. the silver trim has a few scratches from storage and the fact its like 13 years
  16. Krish

    Has any body ever cut their shifter?

    I've seen some people do it on other cars. Obviously it's not as good as the real thing... But they are hard to get hold of. I have the URAS solid shifter which is an improvement to stock but the throw is the same. Has anyone ever cut the shifter before? If so did it make any difference? The...
  17. subzero

    Need pics of gear lever assembley and pics down into the gearbox.

    its been a niggly problem ive had with my car for years, time to try fix it. im gonna remove the short shifter and just put back in a standard shifter. i have a shifter and i think ive a circlip there too . just want to see how the lever is held down in the box . really appreciate any help...
  18. Krish

    Uras short shifter? - anyone used it?

    Seen it in rhd Has anybody used it or know anything about it? Thanks
  19. Max

    What grease for greasing up a shifter?

    Not got much of a clue here. What grease should I use. I take it I want nothing too sticky, nothing that will attack the plastic bushing on the bottom ball, and nothing that will react with gearbox oil? I heard Lithium grease can be a bit sticky causing the shifter to want to stick around...
  20. T

    new to site from stoke area

    Bought car from Mike at torque-gt 14 months dead straight car.Love the s15 Done a few things to it the last year defi gauges fitted{oil temp-water temp-oil pressure+controller-boost pressure decat pipe BCcoillies cf stero surround yashio gear gatior C,s short shifter tower brace{summit-racing}...