1. ArTo

    WTB: Vertex Edge Front end

    Hey, looking for that kind of bumper =) Need to be shipped to Germany!
  2. Surfing Boris

    Manifold and pipework choices

    So i managed to slam the underside of the car on the deck on Sunday night and while i hope it was just the chassis rails taking the impact i am concerned i may have walloped the exhaust and know there is a risk that thump can transit up to the weakest point and find a nice weld in the manifold...
  3. JDM_virgin

    S15 owners in the US

    Ok I have a favour to ask. I while ago my house got broken into and quite a lot of stuff got taken. short to the point one of the watches can only be purchased in the states and shipped within the US. Would anyone be willing to have it shipped to theirs and then post it to me in the uk? I'm...

    FS: I'm parting ways with a lot of goodies! (NEW ITEMS INSIDE!!!) I will ship overseas!

    Good day everyone, I'm parting ways with a lot of S15 parts, and I figured that some of you guys would be interested. Boost Junkyz top mount twin scroll with MV-S gates (38mm) AND turbo downpipe $1000 US shipped! Apexi Power FC D-Jetro with EL handset (complete with sensors). I'm also...
  5. K

    WTB: Wanted S15 radio bracket

    someone sell me a radio bracket. please post pics and price shipped to California.
  6. D

    WTB: s15 front lip

    hi was wondering if anyone on here can tell me where i can get this front lip or is willing to get it and shipped to me in the United Stated i will pay a little extra as i cant get this in the states. i really want to get this lip
  7. S


    Hello my name is Alex and i live in the USA. In 2014 ill be getting my S15 shipped to the USA.
  8. shark79

    FS: S15 LH headlight

    Anyone looking for this ? please pm me for pics price GBP 360 shipped via EMS Thanks
  9. K

    WTB: need fenders, bonet, bumper retainer

    hey i want to see what kind of deal i can get here. i live in US and the price here are just way over priced, so i'd like to give it a try here and maybe there someone nice enough to help me out. i sold my S13.5 fenders (oem fenders welded together), i want to make another set. so heres what...
  10. subzero

    WTB: WTD: S15 turbo injectors

    wanted for my 180 ... any one got a good set ?? will need to be shipped to ireland too.
  11. K

    WTB: torque engine damper

    looking for one shipped to perth australia 6210
  12. lvaleiron

    WTB: Front driver side wing oem

    I need a driver side front wing in any color and good shape shipped to Miami, can anyone help? Cheers!
  13. T

    FS: BEE-R Rev Limiter - BRAND NEW

    Hey guys, I know that there are some people here that aren't fans of this product...but please keep any negative comments to yourself. I have personally run one of these producs on an S14a and an R32 GTR for extended periods of time - taking in daily commuting, track and drift days and long...
  14. M

    FS: Aftermarket Ecu

    Apexi + hand unit power fc brand new in box D-Jetro 700 euro ono shipped
  15. P

    WTB: S15 drivers side headlight

    Looking for drivers side complete headlight, needs to be shipped to Finland.
  16. R

    WTB: Front wings

    Hello over there, i need a pair of standaard front wings,if anybody have a pair let my now, it must be shipped to the Netherlands Thanks Greetz Ron
  17. T

    FS: Nismo S tunes

    As above, came off my S15 all in working order, no idea on age, working condition is spot on, and externally they look much better than some I have seen forsale in the past. Testing the water on these really, so I'll stick some pictures up at a later date. I'd Like £350 shipped to mainland...
  18. S

    FS: PowerFC and handcontroller S15 for sale

    PowerFC and handcontroller S15 for sale I've got an almost new powerfc and controller for sale. Used for 600 miles only. I'm after 600,- pounds for this shipped. Great mod for mild tuned S15's. Bart
  19. R

    FS: haltech e11v12 with pnp harness for s15 sr20det

    as above, haltech unit is 1 year old. harness is brand new. US$1800 shipped to anywhere. email me at rapturem3 [@] gmail [.] com thanks.
  20. F

    WTB: Wtb: S15 afm...

    Looking for an S15 afm with the plug and possibly the intake pipe. let me know what you've got and how much shipped to the U.S. thanks in advance, -mike