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    Rear Shocks Bottom Mount which way round

    Hi I have checked the "Useful Threads" and done a search but have not found this covered. I have stupidly removed both rear shocks and when I have come to fit the replacements the bottom of the shock mount is different each side, one side has a sort of countersink and the other is straight. I...
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    FS: Nearly new HSD Monopro coilovers S14 S15

    Sold.......................... Used for 2 weeks, covered approx 30 miles in total. Purchased purely as a temporary measure whilst waiting for my teins to arrive from Japan. Some dusting of white stone chip as shown in pics to rear shocks (stupidly didn't mask them off). Original box...
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    Spec S standard suspension

    Just fitted some coilovers so going to sell my standard shocks on Does anyone know if the standard spec S shocks are the same as spec R ? Thanks, Sent from my HUAWEI GRA-L09 using Tapatalk
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    FS: S15 Spec R Standard Bits clearout

    I owned an S15 Spec R Feb 2011- Aug 2014, I still have some standard parts to clear out. It was a JDM car. Sensible offers considered. - Edit- Now adding arbitrary prices having just read the rules. Some more bits will be added as I sort through them. Standard Spec R Suspension - £120 Low...
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    Nismo S-tune suspension ride height

    I ordered some new Nismo shocks (the S-tune ones with silver KYB dampers with red springs), I fitted them on Friday, replacing standard shocks that have only had a couple of year use. The front of the car has not dropped at all, have possibly even raised 2-3mm. The rear has dropped just over...
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    S15 Nismo Shocks and Springs

    Hey guys Ive got a Spec R S15 with a Nismo Shock and Spring set up in it. The cars a daily driver and the set up is a bit stiff for everyday. Im curious does anyone else have these springs and or shocks? Or know anything about them? Links to the pics here:
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    Rear shock top mount access

    This seems like a stupid question and I have tried the search facility! Just bought an S15, and wondering how you could access the top mounts of the rear shocks, i,e if you have shocks with damping adjustment or just want to see what's what. Do you have to remove the parcel shelf to get at this...
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    FS: Used S15 Nismo suspension for sale

    I've just swapped out my Nismo suspension for coilovers.. I am not sure if one of the rear shocks has gone? There is no visible damage to it or any signs of leaks and H-Dev could find nothing wrong with it, but best to mention it just in case. Its the blue Nismo suspension with yellow...
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    lowering springs with standard shocks??

    Heys guys Im thinking of putting in 30 or 40mm lowering springs into the 15 with standard shocks, how do you think they would hold up? I drive it everyday as my daily, not too bad roads and I always crawl over bumps etc.. Will I be ok as far as the oem shocks go? Thanks
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    Are standard Spec R shocks made by KYB?

    Hello As above :) Thanks, adsmithy