1. Lil SpecR

    Small shopping list ... where to go?

    Hi all I have a small shopping list of parts, where is the best place or brands to go for? I've tried japspeed but they're struggling to understand my requirements lol :) Downpipe Turbo elbow Sports cat Performance panel filter Manifold braided lines/turbo/water/oil Manifold/turbo gasket...
  2. Jay-pan

    WTB: 3'' Decat...

    Hello, 3" decat wanted seen one on ebay for £35 posted but budget shopping FTW! If you will take less let me know. Goodbye.
  3. S

    what to do next???

    So i got a front mount, evc-s ebc, walbro fuel pump, ngk iridium spark plugs to go in, plus nistune ecu car so far is pretty much standard has only hks suction kit and turbo back exhaust running factory boost tops (.8) I was thinking z32 afm and nismo 550c injectors next on the shopping list...
  4. superK

    Finally Got One

    Hey, Well after years of wanting an S15 especially after seeing trials15's 1, i eventually got one about two months ago, its a 2002 spec s, its pretty standard, rota svn wheels, nismo back box and thats about it, i have coilovers on the shopping list when the piggy bank allows, its a great...
  5. sushiming

    Whats the best ECU??

    hey guys its that time of year iam going on holiday Again hehe and yes hong kong again so looks like some shopping is in order lol:D and the main thing in the shopping list is a ECU also depending on cash hehe I think ive got a choice of HKS F.con Power FC E manage is there any others and...