1. T

    some Noob Questions

    if in wrong section please move and PM me where thanks:D so i made a pay on for my new dumb decision that means i am terrible in translating my german thoughts to english text and also that i paid a part of the price to the previous owner in order to save my new smokesomewheels for me^^ i...
  2. C

    Cube speed short shifter

    My shifter feels very lose and was thinking of buying a cube speed short shifter. Has anyone ever fitted one of these and what are they like?
  3. dave_t

    WTB: Works Bell 629s Short Steering Wheel Hub/Boss wanted

    Wanted (yes I sold my last one and now I need another lol) Works Bell 629s Short Steering Wheel Hub S14-15 Z32 R33 R34 SKU. 07GNH | Part No. 056296 Example pic Drop Me a PM for quicker response Thanks
  4. Max

    FS: C's Short Shifter

    As used in my S15 Spec R 6speed for about 6 months before I blew the gearbox! Rare as rocking horse ****, and I'm trying to pay for my 350z gearbox conversion! £240 delivered.
  5. langers

    Parts Shop Max Cobra Downpipe

    Hi, Has anyone fitted one of these to their S15? I've just installed mine and noticed the gearbox mount on the pipe is short from the gearbox mount bracket on the car. Is it suppose to line up or do I need to make adjustments to the stock bracket?
  6. jake

    S15 short hub

    I'm looking for a steering boss for my s15 iv already ordered a grip royal wheel and horn button as well as a low standards snap off boss But I'm looking for a short boss that will fit the s15 the only one I can find I like is the nrg one but only for the s14 not s15 and not sir if it's the...
  7. Mycool

    WTB: 6 speed short shifter???

    Hi guys, ive been looking for a 6 speed short shifter for my s15 spec r. Ive been looking for one for absolutely ages now. & have purchased 2 where i was told its suitable but once received they always seem to be for 5 speed lol. Any about? Cheers
  8. J

    WTB: Rear seat belts

    Just need the short parts that bolt to the floor that the belts clip into
  9. Draco87

    Turbo upgrade information

    Hi guys!! I need your suggestions!! I would like to enhance the power of my s15, but maintaining a good curve of torque and power from 2500 rpm and a final power of around 420 hp. In short words, i will build not a car for drag, but I'll try to set up a light car, precise and fast, that prior...
  10. S15_SAM

    Open Event: Drift all stars rd1 London. This Sunday 18th may

    So I'm most likely to be going to this. Its too short notice to go as a club but anyone else going?
  11. M

    c's short shifter

    How much are these worth have one there in the box with instructions? Debating to sell or not ill see if it's worth selling.
  12. K

    WTB: WTB: C's short shifter for S15 6 speed

    After a complete C's short shifter kit for a 6 speed manual S15 Silvia! Willing to pay good money for it. Please let me know.
  13. Z

    nismo short shifter

    do anybody use this short shifter? How are your experience?
  14. K

    WTB: C's short shifter for 6 speed S15

    Hey guys, am after a C's short shifter for a 6 speed manual S15 gearbox :) Anyone selling?
  15. dave_t

    FS: WorksBell Short Hub Steering Wheel Boss Kit

    Item for sale: WORKSBELL S15 Short Hub Boss Kit Description: Bought this Brand New from FRPSPORT a few months back, and only recently fitted with my new vertex deep dish wheel. Decided to go back to my 'non-dished' Nardi, so the short hub boss is no longer needed. This is perfect for anyone...
  16. dave_t

    WTB: S15 6-Speed Short Shift

    Feel like going for a short shift on the S15, anyone have one for-sale?
  17. Krish

    Uras short shifter? - anyone used it?

    Seen it in rhd Has anybody used it or know anything about it? Thanks
  18. fez06

    need advice on this manifold

    its an Hdev i think came of my mates s14 just wondered if its anys good as cylinder 3+4 seem very short and others i have seen for sale are all they same length and twist around cheers
  19. adzsy

    WTB: Clutch Master Cylinder S15

    As above, I bought one for an s14 but it is too short.