1. Burnsy


    hi guys. :D my names Chris or burnsy and im from Cornwall. it took a while but i finally have an S15! WIN. will post some pics up shortly! Cheers
  2. C

    Getting the S15 Craze going in the Cayman Islands

    Hey Guys, I am one of 3 owners of s15s here in the Cayman Islands. Currently doing alot of work on my 99 Spec R, pics to come shortly. Right now I am fighting the "what size wheel/tire will work" fight, but I will get there.
  3. mint

    Caliper Refurb

    Thinking on going ahead with doing the fronts shortly. Were can I order new seals from?
  4. mint

    Anyone else a bit.. worried?

    lol i know this isnt a topic thats liked spoken about on the OC however i feel like bringing it up, as im not that worried. s15's are dropping in price.. big time! Only just the other day i found one for around 8grand OTR. Couldnt believe it. s14's are going way way up and s15's are becoming...
  5. A

    new in swindon

    Hello, new here, also a member of, don't really post much.... heres my car, prob be up for sale shortly...time to move on.