1. Lil SpecR

    Finally had the weather for a few nice shots of my Yuki <3

    Well this weekend we finally had some nice weather, so after a couple of meets I went and found one of my fav spots for a quick shoot with her whilst she was still shiny and sparkly and the weather was still sunny haha :)
  2. L

    Need pictures of s15's with 17 inch wheels please

    I've bought a set of lmgt2's for my s15, and I'm just wondering if 17,s are gonna look to small on it, if you have any side shots of your car with 17's could you post them please, cheerst
  3. W

    Triple S15 goodness =)

    Shots I took
  4. pegliobaglio

    peglio +vinnie mini meet

    met up with vinnie the other day ( before the incident with a rabbit!) and managed to get a few nice shots of the cars so thought i would share them! enjoy
  5. T

    some shots from this afternoon

    I've put these in my build thread, but here are some shots of my S15 from today.
  6. S

    My s15 Spec Snow :D

    Made it over to the mothers today and took the chance to snap a few pics of the silvia... some effort even getting it up from the yard to the driveway! thank **** for me polo! haha opinions welcome, shots arent the best, camera isn't great!:o
  7. mint

    My D1 Shots.. the ones i never posted..

    Yup.. All the writting crap is on my blog. Please check the rest of the shots out and let me know your thoughts.. as i dont really usually do moving pics lol. Nite all!
  8. M

    Drift Shots

    Just some boring drift shots of mine.
  9. S

    My Baby

    Well I just Introduced my self here, thought i would add some more pics up. Specs are on the linked page Night Shots (most recent) Track shots with Old wheels Arvo Shots with Stock rims and Hunting down Commodores Cruise (stock wheels...