1. JDM_virgin

    signal booster issues This is what i bought to try and get FM signal to my stereo. Its a Kenwood head unit and I'm using the nissan micra adapter to plug it...
  2. I

    No ignition on Cylinder 4

    Hi, I rebuilt the SR20 of my S15 with a few upgrades, especially a nistune Type 4 board to remap it. I got no ignition au cylinder 4, the engine runs on 3 cylinders only... I swapped the coils, but the problem is still on cylinder 4. So, I plugged a digital oscilloscope to the ECU to check...
  3. SlidewayzS15

    WTB: Wtb Side marker pigtail harness

    Looking for fender side marker pig tail harness for turn signal.
  4. G

    Tachometer/RPM doesn't work Spec R

    Hello, I have a problem with my S15 Spec R; The Tachometer/RPM (on the cluster) doesn't work, i have pin 2 measured at the ECU but get there no tension. Where does the signal come to my engine/gearbox? Please who can help me with this problem? Many Thanks! Regards Giel
  5. andeep

    S14 5-Speed Speedo

    From what I understand, the S15 gets it speed signal from the ABS unit in the diff. I've done a 5-Speed conversion on the car, just wondering is there a way to connect the speedo up to the speed signal off the gearbox, rather than the diff?
  6. LuPix_S15

    ECU Speed Signal Wire??

    Hiya, Just fitted the Defi oil temp and pressure sensors to a sandwich plate and hooked everything up to the Defi Control Unit II with the additional Defi Link Display Unit :) Everything works ok except one little functionality. Apparently, to keep the 'real-time' display of the oil temp and...
  7. S

    fuses s15

    s15 keeps blowing starter signal fuse,,,, any one know were to look for the problem.
  8. Topper

    Radio Reception

    Does anyone have a problem with this?? One minute i can have a great signal, the next it is very poor, and in some areas, where i should get a signal (do in the Focus) i dont get a signal at all :no:
  9. P

    Trouble wiring in shift light.

    Okay guys, I need some help wiring in a shift light. It has three wires, power, earth and Tacho signal. The power and earth are in and working fine but can't get a signal through the last wire. They all lead into a small circuit that has a microswitch. When you get to the limit you want the...