1. crazymat666

    What are the signs of the turbo going?

    Had a problem for a few months now and I think my turbo may need rebuilding as it may have play in it .how much am I looking for a rebuild or a new unit?also what are the common signs to a turbo packing in? when I put my foot down I have a high pitch noise which I thought was a air leak but my...
  2. 7

    Japan - Street Signs

    Is anyone here aware of an online site that sells replica Japanese street signs? (I know that they're available for USA & France) The reason I'm asking is I think it would be neat to have a sign fixed up around my carport housing my Silvia, thinking an Osaka or Tokyo parking sign. -Steve
  3. Roots82


    Hey, finally got down to torque gt yesterday and after a 3 hour drive home i dropped off the girlfriend. On the way back from hers i pulled away from a round about and into a left hand corner and the back end jumped out on me! We were doing about 25mph i think, in 2nd gear. I'm guessing boost...