1. JackPilk

    WTB: Aero Fog Lights - Wanted

    Hi, I just bought an Aero front bumper. I'm after the fog lights that sit in the grille's, does anyone have them for sale? Thanks
  2. S

    spoiler question

    well guys..iam going to fit the standerd rear spoiler on the 15..just wondering how far in on the boot lid does the spoiler sit...
  3. S

    FS: Brand New 17" Work XD9's

    Some of you may know that i bought these just two weeks ago and they stick out on the front by approximately 1.5cm. Well I decided against running camber so im just going to order myself two more that sit further in. They sit perfectly on the rear so if anyone is after 17" Work XD9s now or in...
  4. J

    Boost Guage Has Failed!

    Typical, as soon as I put my car up for sale, something goes wrong Just noticed this morning on the way to work that the needle is slapped way back against -7 on the gauge. It's a standard fit pillar mounted S15 gauge which I believe is controlled electrically!?!? Mainly because it doesn't...
  5. S

    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Need to know what this is and where it should sit, since this one is loose here:eek:
  6. jp

    Custom Gear Ratios

    I know from reading elsewhere that the final drive ratio for the S14 & S15 boxes are the same, but I was wondering would it be possible to take the gears 1-5 from a 14 box, put them into a 15 box, & modify the 6th gear to such a ratio that you could quite happily sit at 1800 or 2000rpm at...
  7. D

    lowering standard seats

    In my search for room for my head - keeping the standard seats, I am considering cutting 2 holes in the beam beneath the drivers seat and inserting 3mm steel box sections for the standard seat rails to sit in. Will this reduce the structural integrity or increase cabin noise?
  8. A

    New wheels

    I am thinking about buying a set of 235x40x18" 7.5" (All four) I have stock suspension, so will my car sit higher off the ground after putting these on? My current rims are stocks with 205x50x16" 6.5"